IHE Domain Coordination Committee Teleconference Minutes 2011-04-12

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  • Teri Sippel Schmidt
  • Antje Schroeder, Card
  • Geoff Pascoe
  • Didi Davis
  • Flora Lum
  • Karen Witting
  • Mike Nusbaum
  • John Rhoads
  • Bruce Curran
  • Mike McCoy
  • Celina Roth
  • Nichole Drye-Mayo

General Committee Business

1. Roll Call see Roster (5 min - all)

  • Quorum attained

2. Approval of March 29 Minutes (10 min - review key dates online - all)

  • Minutes approved with 1 abstention

3. New Business: from Future Agenda Topics Page (not reviewed 4/12/2011)

4. Review Action Items List (not reviewed 4/12/2011)

Domain Announcements

1. Request for new Domain Announcements

  • Announcing need for cross-reviews, Public Comment periods, decisions for new work, etc.
  • Action: Please add Domain Announcements to wiki prior to DCC Tcon if possible.

Domain Coordination Issues

  • Need completed dates from Lab, PCD, Pharmacy and Radiation Oncology
  • Action: Teri will follow up with these groups
  • IHE Domain Report Process (add link)(5 min - Karen Witting)
  • Lab Report out for Review; If no comments by April 22 then on April 26 DCC will review, approve and submit to Board.
  • Action: Karen Witting will send another email to the group with these dates
  • Anatomic Pathology, Christel Daniel promised report by March 29
  • Action: Karen Witting will send email to AP with request
  • Radiation Oncology and Radiology (May 5 deadline)
  • Mike Nusbaum reviewed the proposal of adding an additional component/expansion to the Technical Review Board to also review strategic planning across Domains. Difficulties in methodology in getting all domains to use the common template that ITI developed for setting strategic visions. For example, all of PCCs new Supplements will always fall into a single matrix element of the ITI template (not useful to them). Develop template or form that domains can take away and say this is what you need at end of day; going to work on this; IHE Board wants wants input to IHE strategic direction but would like recommendations from DCC on mechanism to provide strategic direction. Gather information in coordinated form so the board can review.
  • Action: Mike Nusbaum will make progress report to Board on Thursday Apr 14th, 2011.
  • Action: Chris Carr will have form for review on IHE International Board call on 4/14
  • Cross-Domain Documentation Work Group Tcon Update
  • Made list of action items with deadlines - need to take back to technical committees (ie. common material pulled from Volume 1 and put in Volume 0; many Vol 0 appendices; Volume 0 Appendix A may include glossary, actor descriptions, transaction descriptions, content module definitions may get pulled out and put in Web page; appendix B - gather all OIDS - list of all codes and OIDS, UIDs, etc in a Web page; Volume 1 Template is solid but also dependent on completing Volume 0; 80% complete and on hold; Volume 0-4 will be submitted for Public Comment in August 2011; QRPH will follow ITI structure in Volume 2 for QRPH public comment; 2 domains that already have Volume 3 (ITI and PCC) both have in volume 3 as content profiles. Karen Witting will send Didi Davis a good link for Volume 3; Will both PCC and ITI be supported or will one have to change? Goal is to have all documents ready for Public Comment by August 29 (completed and approved by Oct 31, 2011, for use by all Domains for the next cycle, starting with Radiology in Nov 2011).
  • TS provided TRB update. Two sections (highlighted in pink) were added to the TRB Proposal Google doc. There was quite a bit of discussion about whether it was appropriate to expect that every Domain contribute a member, who was an IHE member and had voting rights, and how quorum would be established to decide votes. It is noted that there are currently no system of Checks and Balances within IHE, especially for level of quality of Supplements across Domains. There is also no "carrot" (incentive) to participate in the TRB or "stick" (e.g, publication gate). It was also noted that specific Domains may not care what the quality level of IHE TFs in other domains is, so long as it does not affect them. Cannot spend time on overall IHE quality, that is a Board issue. It was indicated that people may be more likely to volunteer if they could select the Supplements that they would like to review themselves as opposed to being assigned. The discussion ended with the deferral to Teri to work on a new approach to staff the TRB.

Documentation, Websites and Public Information

  • IHE International Webinar Series: Planning, dates, contributors (10 min - Celina Roth)
  • Yvonne reached out to Domain Co-chairs to schedule webinars.
  • Mike Nausbaum - important that messaging be correct. IHE International needs to sponsor IHE Educational Webinars and should be posted to ihe.net.
  • Nichole Drye Mayo will follow up on process, etc.
  • Review process for items being added to ihe.net (10 min - Chris Carr) (defer)
  • Defer Profile Catalog wiki page template discussion for one year. Current Profile Catalog wiki template can be a bit confusing (some parts overlap), but because it is already used in so many places, it is not high on the list of priorities to change.

Process Improvement

Governance Implementation

Next steps and New Actions Items

  • April 26, 9-10:30am CDT

Domain Coordination Committee