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CALENDAR eHealth Competence Network

See the Event Page: [1]

IHE joins forces with national SDOs

In Germany HL7 , IHE, bvitg joined forces with the national ISO TC 215 WG 2 mirror in DIN to make up the eHealth Competence Network. They operate the website of the Interop-Forum: [2]

Projects & Case Studies

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IHE Germany: Cookbook for intersectoral Report and Images sharing

Profiles Used

  • XDS.b
  • XDS-I.b
  • ATNA, CT, BPPC, XUA, PIX, XUA++, etc.

Project Scope/Scale

The IHE-D Cookbook gives guidance to customers, projects and vendors, how to implement XDS based affinity domains in Germany


The project was startet in October 2011 and will go on in iterations for the next years.


The Cookbook will specify how XDS and XDS-I can be used for cross-enterprise communication of images and reports in a way that is conformant to German national Data Protection laws.


Get the latest published versions from the IHE Germany website: [3]


Prof. Bjoern Bergh, University Hospital Heidelberg, Co-Chair User IHE Germany, mailto:// and Alexander Ihls, Co-Chair Vendors, IHE Germany, mailto://

If you like to discuss and contribute, please register with mailto://

Supporters and Endorsements

IHE-Germany negotiates with eFallakte e.V. to align their "case-record" architecture with IHE Profiles.

Interested parties may also contact the "Competence Network for eHealth and Interoperability":

Experts of gematik mbH, the German health telematics coordinating society, are in close contact to IHE-Germany.


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