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<Regional Initiatives with their own websites are highly encouraged to create a page here with the most important information and a link to their website. Regional Initiatives without their own website are welcome to include even more information on this Wiki.>

<Include an opening statement if you like>

Demonstrations & Presentations

<List key local events, especially those that might be of interest to IHE Domains or participants from beyond your region. If possible, also add them to the event list on relevant Domain pages>

Date Location Event Details
2006.09.18-19 Toronto, Ontario IHE Canada Workshop 2006 Educational Sessions, "Using Standards to Connect"
2007.03.25 Montreal, Quebec ISO 3rd Global Conference
2007.09.??-?? Toronto, Ontario IHE Canada Workshop 2007 Educational Sessions

Projects & Case Studies

<Link to pages describing deployment projects or case studies in your region. Use the Project Template for those pages>

Supporters and Endorsements

  • <Need to add list>



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<Please add your committees to the above linked Committee page to foster communication>

This page is based on the Region Template.

<Delete this Category Templates line since your Region page is no longer a template.>