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The Document Registry Actor maintains metadata about each registered document in a document entry. This includes a link to the Document in the Repository where it is stored. The Document Registry responds to queries from Document Consumer actors about documents meeting specific criteria. It also enforces some healthcare specific technical policies at the time of document registration.

Responsibilities in Profiles

The responsibilities placed on this actor in the context of each Profile is summarized here. For the actual specifications, refer to the Technical Framework.

A system that supports an Actor does not have to meet the requirements in any given Profile unless the system claims support of that Profile in the product Integration Statement.

Cross Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS)

This Profile depends on the actor to:

  • use patient identifiers provided by a Patient Identity Source to ensure that XDS Documents metadata registered is associated with a known patient,
  • update patient identity in document metadata by tracking identity change operations (e.g. merge)
  • index, store and retrieve document metadata,
  • recieve and execute queries against the stored document metadata,
  • return selected metadata to the Document Consumer


This Profile depends on the actor to perform the same functions as for XDS above.

See Also

This actor is often grouped with: Document Repository, Secure Node and Time Client

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