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Patient Care Device Domain

Meeting Purpose

Joint DEV Domain Meeting (PCD, PCH, DPi): At the Regularly Scheduled Meeting Time

WebEx Information

Topic: Joint DEV Domain Meeting

Regularly Scheduled Meeting Time

- Time: 11:00 am, Eastern Time (New York)
- Duration: 60 Minutes

Proposed Agenda

1. Agenda Approval
2. Review Discussion Summary: DEV Joint 2020-07-22 Webex
3. Standards Coordination
4. Ballots - None currently
5. Marketing DEV, IHE
6. Calendar
- Status of Adopted Workitem Proposals DEV_Proposals: Cycle 15
Quiet Hospital
New Profiles
7. DEV Action Item Review
- Link to Action Items:
- Link to DEV Google Drive:
8. Programs activities
- DPi
9. Other Business
- Virtual F2F (October)
- Domain Board Report
10. Next and Recent Meetings
- DEV Cochairs August 25, 2020, DEV Cochairs 2020-08-25 Webex
- DEV Domain (Joint) August 26, 2020 DEV Joint 2020-08-26 Webex

Action Items from Previous Meetings

None currently

See DEV Planning Committee Action Items and DEV Technical Committee Action Items

Significant changes, other than dates, will be in bold.


  • Published and Draft Versions of the TF, Supplements, Other Documents:
- The PCD ftp site has draft versions.
- Published (and possibly in the process of being replaced with new versions):
  • Not Yet Published:


Cochairs: Kurt Elliason, Thom Erickson, Javier Espina, Todd Cooper, Rob Wilder Technical Project Manager: Michael J. Kirwan Chair: Kurt Elliason Guests: John Garguillo, Monroe Pattillo, Paul Schluter, Christophe FOURNIE, Ken Fuchs, John Garguilo, Tom Kowalczyk, Monroe Pattillo, John Rhoads, Paul Schluter, Paul Sherman, and Rob Wilder.


Todd Cooper, Kurt Elliason, Al Engelbert, Thom Erickson, Javier Espina, Christophe Fournier, Ken Fuchs, John Garguilo, Tom Kowalczyk, Monroe Pattillo, Dalibor Pokrajac, John Rhoads, Jeff Rinda, Paul Schluter, Paul Sherman, Rob Wilder, Brian Witkowski, Robert Canfield, James Jacobson, Tobias Klotz, Per Johansson, Kerin Klagges-Kingsbury, Peter Verstandig, , Jeanne Kraimer, David G, Erik Myklebust, Luke Goodwin, John Krupka, Victoria Tower, Peter Kranich, Matt Picinich, Stefan Schlicting, Ujjawal Kumar, Dan Lee, Steve Eberly, John Donnely, Michael Faughn, Neil Henry, David Pitts, Charles Perriot, Robert Smigielski
Chair: Thom Erickson


Discussion Summaries do not require formal approval, while minutes of meetings where votes are taken do. Participants are encouraged to review and bring up significant issues with discussion summaries of previous meetings. Votes will be taken to approve meetings where votes took place; these may be email ballots.

Item Topic Discussion
1 Introductions & Agenda Review
- Chair


Agenda approved


2 Discussion Summary or Approval of Minutes
- Chair
- Accepted



3 Agenda Items
- Standards Coordination
- Kurt led today's discussion. No further additions to the agenda noted, the agenda was approved.
- Reviewed discussion/meeting summary from last month.


3. Standards Coordination
- See below (DPi).
4. Ballots - None currently
5. Marketing DEV, IHE
- Noted that the device quiet video is coming out soon and that we are working with HIMSS now. Additionally, the long description for the IOP Showcase also completed. Cotinga is where the equipment is (Sweden). Very professional video. Will be great for PCD.
6. Calendar
- Status of Adopted Work item Proposals DEV_Proposals: Cycle 15
- Noted that we need to add White papers to this list.
- We need updated TF out with the latest template. Todd has coordinated with Mary Jungers. Todd noted that they are to place front matter of Devices showing the scope of devices. This will require a change proposal (CP) which would detail what is a device while showing a diagram. We would then migrate to the volume 1 updates. John noted that we just need some text inserted and this can be done within a CP for others to contribute. We’d then run it via vote. Questioned if this should be 2 CPs. John noted putting them together shouldn’t be a problem. We may be able have this ready for this meeting next month. Todd’s stuff is in GitHub.
- Christoph questioned the number of CPs for the TF. Paul noted that he doesn’t update the TF. The ones that have been approved should be included. Paul noted that once they’re approved they are apart of the TF, just doesn’t get published right away.
- Kurt noted that we will be updating the first 3 columns for 2020. Next deadlines are slated for September.
Quiet Hospital – moving along.
New Profiles – not yet.
7. DEV Action Item Review 
- Board review is awaiting the board report. Todd will help move this forward.
- Wiki updates: Todd reviewing actions from the tiger team. The board report will reference the Wikis.
- Item 4, just need to get the ballot out.
- Dev Roster: May need to morph the PCD one with the DEV roster. Need to figure out who is to get added. All in ETI is on it already. Thom noted PCH is updated already. The initial DEV Roster is completed.
- Link to Action Items:
- Reference: Link to DEV Google Drive:
8. Programs activities 
- Hoping to have containment model ready for review next week. Get into -10101b as updated to 11073. Assigning codes. Good progress on pump side of things.
- Monroe noted that ACM will need one CP (for 60601-8 mapping) in the next few weeks.
- Thom presented a PCH update.
- Thom noted that the FHIR Dev Days last June the slide deck is now available.
- IHE Webinar Series outline was presented. The goal is to post in first week of September.
- The IEEE 11073-10206 Simplified model is progressing. The Bluetooth Generic Health Sensor is a few months away though the functional requirements will be approved later this year.
- Continua’s D2C Constrained Implementation is progressing.
- Mobile health lead by Keith Boone has not started (Due to Covid-19).
- Test & Tools received funding for both the CTT/Gazelle integration and the development of the POU profile test plans and scripts. Looking at remote Connectathon support now (in November and next March). Todd noted that the January event will be virtual and we should hear soon on the Europe Connectathon. Thom noted that the Gazelle integration will be completed by November. The test support is due by end of November so will miss the Europe Connectathon. Questioned if this included validators. Thom noted that the work will use Gazelle platform to decide what testing to do then the test plan sent to the test tool then automatically sent back to Gazelle (with results). Diego Bartolome of Dekra is the PM. John curious of how much of this is integrated outside of the tool.
- DPi
- Todd noted that earlier today, they had discussed the agenda for the DEV Domain F2F this October. See the wiki page here: He noted that are working virtually in an HL7 meeting with the Devices, IEEE and IHE groups. Registration for early bird is Sept 8th ($200).
- Todd noted that the DPi monthly call is tomorrow (their 2nd). Discussion will be on the roadmap and status. They’ve focused on the SDPi supplement and it’s now in a cohesive state (Plug and Trust profile). Have nailed down the org now on content creation.
- Todd notes that they are also pursuing whitepapers actively (Ken working on the Security WP and making good progress). Now changing whitepapers to Technical Reports. Also working with Michael Faughn and others on .net tooling (device and capture and strategies for doing this). They will be more active beginning next week as people return from vacation. For IEEE, you may not need to register.
9.  Other Business
- Virtual F2F (October, week of 5th). Discussed the meeting and its agenda. Thom asks that the DPi and PCH meetings not conflict (due to common members). For DPi they will meet for only for one quarter that week so can be Tuesday or later in the week. Thom prefers Tuesday morning. Todd suggested we have a DEV Domain recap at the end of the meeting. This would help us capture everything (could be an open meeting).
- Domain Board Report is mostly final. Todd is formatting for consistency between the Wiki and the board. We need the final report out of the T3 group. For PCD and PCH the content is in the draft. Todd is also on the international board so he sees their similar reports as well.
10. Next and Recent Meetings 
- DEV Cochairs September 22nd, 2020, DEV Cochairs 2020-09-22 Webex
- DEV Domain (Joint) September 23rd, 2020 DEV Joint 2020-09-23 Webex

Next Meetings

The next meetings are:

- DEV Cochairs September 22, 2020, DEV Cochairs 2020-09-22 Webex
- DEV Domain (Joint) September 23, 2020 DEV Joint 2020-09-23 Webex

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