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Reference Implementations

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Open eHealth Foundation

Has announced plans to implement open source IHE components starting with PIX/PDQ.


Test Tools

  1. MIR MESA Test Software

Implementation FAQ

Testable Assertions

Assertion Reference Connectathon Test Comment
Patient Demographics Supplier
Shall support the query attributes listed in ITI TF 2: ITI TF-2: - Transaction 21 does not specify match algorithm but does specify that attributes are ANDED together in response to a query.
Shall support proper component numbers for each attribute. ITI TF-2: - - Not all attributes are of the form PID.3. Some require further refinements.
- - - -
- - - -
Patient Demographics Consumer
- - - -
- - - -
Other notes
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Testing Methods

Sample Data

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The ITI Technical Framework is the official master document for this Profile.

The Patient Demographics Query page is an overview of the Profile.

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