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The IT Infrastructure Domain supplies infrastructure for sharing healthcare information. An infrastructure interoperability component represents a common IT function that is used as a building block for a variety of use cases... a necessary ingredient, but rarely visible to the end user!! These components may be embedded in an application, but are often deployed as a shared resource within a Health Information Exchange.

This domain began in 2003, is sponsored by Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS). The ITI domain Profiles are fully described in the IT Infrastructure Technical Framework.

Strategy and liaison activity

This ITI strategy and liaison activity page provides the strategy followed by the IT Infrastructure domain and the liaisons with other domains, SDOs, etc., regarding its area of expertise.

IT Infrastructure Committees

ITI Planning Committee
ITI Technical Committee

Current IT Infrastructure Profiles (in Final Text and Trial Implementation)

IT-Infrastructure Profiles (aka Implementation Guides) can be found:

Planning and Development Cycle

The following outlines the general activities and steps planned for a year.

Brief Profile proposals IHE ITI Github Site

IT-Infrastructure uses Continuous Development Process so each quarter face-to-face (or virtual) meeting is when milestones can be reached.

IT-Infrastructure uses Github Kanban board to track projects. All formal releases are published on

Demonstrations & Presentations

Presentations are all presented on YouTube in IHE-International

All presentations are also published in PowerPoint form on the GitHub repository in the IHE ITI-Infrastructure presentations folder

Communication and Marketing

Educational material

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