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This page documents the activities of the ITI domain in doing strategic planning.

Categories and capabilities


The IHE IT Infrastructure (ITI) domain has defined the following categories of profiles and organized the existing profiles (as of 2010) into this set of categories. It is believed that a few additional categories are appropriate for other domains but this is the minimal set that ITI has defined for profiles within the ITI domain.

Category Description ITI profiles (2018)
Patient Administration Profiles in the Patient Administration category support the management of patient identities. This includes the ability to look up, cross-reference, update, remove, merge, link and general management of patient identities. PIX, PDQ, PAM, XCPD, PIX/PDQ HL7 v3, XPID, PDQm, PIXm
Healthcare Directory Profiles in the Healthcare Directory category support the management of information about provider and healthcare organizations. This includes the ability to find locations, services, organizational relationships, contacts, schedules and other information. PWP, HPD, CSD, mCSD
Health Document Sharing Profiles in the Health Document Sharing category support the ability to share patient specific healthcare information within and across Enterprises. This includes the ability to submit, locate/list, push, pull and retrieve patient specific healthcare information. XCA, XDM, XDR, XDS, XDS-SD, MPQ, XCF, MHD, mXDE, RMU
Security and Privacy Profiles in the Security and Privacy category support the ability to ensure that healthcare information is managed consistent with a reasonable set of security and privacy policies. ATNA, BPPC, APPC, DSG, DEN, XUA, EUA, IUA, SeR
Workflow Enablers Profiles in the Workflow Enablers category support standard sequences for performing workflow activities. DSUB, XDW
Support Management Profiles in the support management category support the ability to share information needed for interoperable healthcare management such as clinical coding, technical or IT management information CT, SVS, NPFS, mACM


The IHE IT Infrastructure (ITI) domain has identified the following areas of expertise and weaknesses.

Category Areas of expertise Areas of weakness
Technology Security, Privacy, XDS, SOAP, FHIR, Directories, Workflow,

Transports, Network, Media, email, Metadata, Web Services, ebMS/AS4

HL7 v2 & v3 messaging
Standards Development Organizations W3C, OASIS, HL7 DICOM, ISO
Geographic Regions North America, Europe Asia, South America

ITI Liaisons

The following table describes the liaisons from ITI for IHE development committees.

Domain Committee Liaison Reports

Domain Liaison
Cardiology Chris Melo
Eye Care
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (PALM)
Patient Care Coordination Keith Boone
Patient Care Devices
Quality, Research, Public Health Lori Fourquet
Radiation Oncology

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