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(<== There on the left) Quick access to:

Domain Pages

Public face of each domain (Structured for "outsiders"/observers): overview & entry points

  • Scope of the domain
  • Timeline of main milestones for the current annual development cycle
  • "Entry points" to submit profile proposals, public comments, track TI publication, F2Fs
  • Links to committee pages
  • (See Domain Template)

Committee Pages

Structured for Committee members: coordination of activities

  • Meeting Schedule, Agendas, Minutes
  • Committee Roster
  • Access to working documents
  • (See Committee Template) - needs work


  • IHE Governance
  • IHE Development Process Steps
  • Conventions and Templates

Pro Tips

  • Personal Shortcuts
  • your user name is always at the top-middle of every page. Put links to your most-visited wiki pages in your profile page, then they're never more than two clicks away.
  • GIYF (Google is your friend)
  • Google for: IHE wiki <your keywords here>
  • It generally outperforms the Search built into MediaWiki.