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This template is used with Template:XDS Folder for creating an XDS Folder. This templates creates the table rows for each component of the folder.

{{XDS Folder Content|Folder Name|Document Name|Opt|Document OID|Comment}}


Folder Name
Is the name of the folder that you are specifying this content for. This needs to be the same value as is used for the folder name that it is created in.
Document Name
Is the name of the document that should be included in the folder.
Is R, R2, or O to indicate whether the document is required, required if present, or optional in the folder. Note that these evaluations can really be peformed only after everyone is "done" using the folder.
Document OID
This is the OID for the document template.
Additional comments regarding this document.

See also: Template:XDS Folder Content, Template:CDA Document, Sample Document 1 Document