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Draft.gif {{{1}}} Folder Specification
Document Name Opt Template ID

This is the template for creating an XDS Folder. To use this template, create a new Wiki Page, and enter the following:

{{XDS Folder|Folder Name|LOINC Code for Folder|Status|
Multiple lines of simple Wiki Text containing the description.|
{{XDS Folder Content|Folder Name|Document Name 1|Opt1|Document OID1|Comment1}}
{{XDS Folder Content|Folder Name|Document Name 2|Opt2|Document OID2|Comment2}}
{{XDS Folder Content|Folder Name|Document Name N|OptN|Document OIDN|CommentN}}

More WIKI text if neccessary to elaborate on the folder contents.


Folder Name
Is the name of the folder that you are specifying.
LOINC Code for Folder
Is the code that you want to use to classify this folder. Codes are assumed to be from LOINC where the scale = SET, to describe a collection of information or documents.
Is Draft, Comment, Trial or Final to indicate the status of the template.

The description should contain simple wiki text containing a description of the folder. If more complex wiki text is needed, it should appear following the last }}

Is one or more uses of the XDS Folder Content template.

See also: Template:XDS Folder Content, Sample Folder