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Shouldn't the ED-* (Triage, Nursing, Composite and Physician) also be labeled as HL7 CRS?

For example, here is ED Physician Note Specification which contains the following quote: "This content module inherits from the Medical Document content module, and so must conform to the requirements of that template as well[...]".

Medical Document states: "The constraints for encoding of the CDA Header (Level 1), and codes for sections within the section body follow all Level 1 constraints found in the HL7 Care Record Summary Implementation Guide, with the exception that the constraints on the type of document and its narrative content are not adopted by this content profile."

I'm assuming that it's the inheritance from Medical Document which merits every other PCC profile marked as CRS conforming. Shouldn't this also extend to the ED specifications?

McCaffrey 13:03, 2 April 2008 (CDT)