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Redaction Services provides a means to extract pertinent data from an EHR export document, and eliminates the risk of providing more data to a research system than what the protocol authorizes.


Redaction Services is one of a set of profiles that create interoperability between EHRs and specialized research systems, resulting in EHR-enabled research. Redaction extends the functionality of Retrieve Form for Data-capture (RFD) and Clinical Research Document (CRD) by providing a mechanism for the pre-population of a case report form to be done within the purview of the healthcare site. This alleviates the potential privacy issues of having the pre-population done by a dedicated research system.


Redaction allows for the labor savings and data quality improvements of pre-population of research case report forms while improving privacy and eliminating concerns of 'over-population' of data, that is providing more data than what the protocol specifies.


Redaction sets up new actors, an Extraction Specification Manager and the Redactor, to allow the pre-population step to occur within the healthcare sphere of influence. The extraction specification, which is created by the research system, specifies data elements that are required by the protocol. The Redactor applies the extraction specification against the EHR export document, which can be defined by either CRD or DSC, and which is provided by the EHR acting as Document Source. The pre-populated form is returned to the research system, and the is subsequently presented in the EHR using the RFD Retrieve Form step.

Systems Affected

  • Electronic Health Record
  • Electronic Data Capture


Profile Status: Dormant


Supporting Standards:

  • IHE Retrieve Form for Data-capture
  • HL7 CCD