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1. Proposed Workitem: XDR-I

  • Proposal Editor: Chris Lindop
  • Editor: Chris Lindop
  • Date: N/A (Wiki keeps history)
  • Version: N/A (Wiki keeps history)
  • Domain: Radiology

2. The Problem

Currently, Imaging has no payload which would allow for the push of images outside of an enterprise environment. IHE ITI has a transport protocol called XDR which serves well for non-imaging payloads. It is compatible with the Security and Privacy protocols developed by the IHE ITI domain. The XDS-I.b protocol breaks the content profile into 2 components. The first component is designed essential as a notification of where to pull the content. Usage of the XDR transport protocol should not require this notification/pull architecture, but just the push model. It should remove the requirement for a source to be a cross enterprise source of Images.

The value for this capability would allow for a less sophisticated system to be a source of images. An XDR-I image source could be as low cost as a workstation. Additional value could be to use the XDR-I webservices as an XDS-I.b proxy with a regional XDS-I.b source. Currently, when an XDS-I.b Image Document Source provides & register images on behalf of a local facility, there is no mechanism to provide feedback to the originating source. This would allow for an XDS-I.b Image document source to use the response of the XDR transport services to provide success or failure status back to the originatting source of the images.

3. Key Use Case

The potential use cases can be fairly robust.

  1. A workstation providing images to a regional image repository.
  2. Sending images to a referring clinician without the use of CD media.
  3. Submitting images for a clinical trial, Submitting Dose reports to a National registry.
  4. Connecting a Hospital or Clinical practice PACS to a Regional Repository that is an XDS-I.b Image Document Source .

Just to name a few. The additional value add could include

4. Standards and Systems

Existing Standards

  1. ITI XDR
  2. Rad XDS-I.b
  3. Soap 1.2
  4. DICOM

Existing Systems

  1. Workstations
  2. Acquisition Modalities
  3. PACS and Enterprise Archives
  4. Regional PACS and Archives
  5. Regional and Enterprise RIS

5. Discussion

Another group which would be interested in the development of this profile is WG 27. However, the expertise with the ITI profiles is with IHE. I do reccomend that IHE develops this profile for the Web services "push" of images in collaboration with WG 27.