PDI Extensions - Brief Proposal

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1. Proposed Workitem: PDI Extensions

  • Proposal Editor: David Clunie
  • Profile Editor:
  • Date: 2007-09-12
  • Domain: Radiology (Mammo, NM), Cardiology, Radiation Oncology

2. The Problem

IHE Radiology has defined a reliable mechanism to create, (transport,) present, and import DICOM data on CD-ROM.

IHE PDI does not describe what to do if the data exceeds the size of a CD (~700MB).

Study sizes continue to grow. The cost of larger media continues to fall. PDI support for DVD and USB media would help.

Referring physicians continue to be frustrated trying to integrate patient imaging data arriving on media into their practice workflow.

3. Key Use Cases

Large Data Transfers

Reading in Referring Physician Offices

4. Standards & Systems

The necessary DICOM specifications for DVD and USB exist.

DVD media compatibility was largely confirmed in the 2008 Connectathon experiments.

5. Technical Approach

PDI-DVD Extension

Define PDI on DVD media.

PDI-USB Extension

Define PDI on USB media.

PDI Review Profile

Define workflow for review of PDI media in physician offices.