Rad Plan Minutes 08.06.04

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  • Chris Lindop - GE (Co-chair)
  • Kevin O'Donnell - Toshiba (Co-chair)
  • Cindy Levy - Cedara
  • John Paganini - Guardian Systems
  • Paul Seifert - Agfa
  • Niki Wirsz, PhD - Siemens Medical Systems
  • Chris Carr - RSNA
  • Nichole Drye-Mayo - RSNA




Action Items from Previous Meetings

TC Trial Implementation Progress

Review the technical Committee progress

  • Mammography Acquisition Workflow
  • Radiation Exposure Monitoring
- DICOM CP that affects template referenced in profile is currently going through ballot process. Will not be final text, but should be substantially settled in next few weeks. Profile will indicate that CP is in process and point to location of final version.
- Kevin O'Donnell processing the many public comments received. Plans to submit profile to Chris Carr by end of this week.
- New material resulting from comments will be reviewed during Trial Implementation period. New sections are either:
  1. from direct request of TC;
  2. informative (not normative) sections;
  3. derived from changes moving through DICOM.
- Remaining Work includes:
- text for the zipped FTP we settled on during the call (rough text from Rob is there and highlighted)
- Write up the guidance for Query section on how to get what you will typically need from the attributes we've provided (based on the two query related closed issue text)
- Shorten I.2 and I.3 in the informative appendix to briefly introduce the projects and provide links instead of trying to summarize all the technical/dose details.
- Action Item: Kevin O'Donnell will post current version of profile and related DICOM CP for committee review later today (6-04)
- Action Item: Kevin will provide final version to Chris by Friday, June 6
- Action Item: Chris Carr will publish Trial Implementation document to ihe.net by Tuesday, June 10.

TC Public Comment Progress

Review the technical Committee progress

  • Scheduled Workflow II

review the status and plan

  • Content Evaluation for PDI - Large Data Sets(DVD, Compression, USB Media)
  • ISO Pages Completion


  • Webinar

Proposed Attendance Interpretation

  • Current Problem
    • by default interpretation, if multi-day face to face meetings are a single meeting, then a new committee member who shows up only gets credit for a single attendance, and by Friday, with 32 hours of committee time under their belt, still can't vote.
    • If multi-day face to face meetings are one meeting for each day, then all members who fail to attend the face to face will automatically lose their voting priveleges.
  • Proposal
    • Missing a multi-day face to face counts as missing one meeting but attending a multi-day face to face counts as one for each day.
    • i.e. if you arrive at a face-to-face without voting priveleges you get to vote starting the second day; if you have a travel conflict and can't make a three day face-to-face, you don't necessarily lose your voting privileges unless you'd missed the two meetings before that
  • Motion:
    • "Adopt as Radiology Domain procedure that face to face attendance will be recorded as a single event, and an exception will be made allowing committee members who arrive without voting privileges to be granted voting privileges at the start of their second day at the face-to-face."
    • Motion was approved unanimously.
    • Action Item: Kevin will create a Radiology Procedures page on the wiki and note the above.

Co-chair Election

  • Action Item: Chris Carr will publish a call for co-chair nominees for both Rad Plan and Rad Tech.