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The Quality, Research and Public Health (QRPH) Technical Committee is part of the Quality, Research and Public Health Domain and works in coordination with the Quality, Research and Public Health Planning Committee. Its activities include development and maintenance of the QRPH Technical Framework and supplements.

Scheduled Meetings and Teleconferences

QRPH Domain Planning and Development Cycle Master Schedule

Current Activities

Profile Development 2018-2019 (Calendar year 2017-2018)

Evaluation Matrix

Profile selections will be made in the October-November 2017 timeframe.

Profile Development Process in QRPH

In general, the profile development process is similar in QRPH as in other domain committees.

QRPH adds the following additional steps:

QRPH Technical Committee Roster

The co-chair of this committee is John Stamm. He can be reached at qrph@ihe.net.

The roster is maintained by Chris Carr and Nichole Drye-Mayo. Please contact qrph@ihe.net with edits or updates.

The roster consists of representatives of IHE member organizations. For additional details about how to join IHE International email membership@ihe.net.

It is strongly encouraged that all meeting participants be members of IHE International. However, the participation of people who do not represent an IHE Member Organization, referred to as Observers, shall be explicitly approved by the co-chairs at each meeting in which they participate. The presence of all people attending the meeting, including Observers, shall be recorded in the minutes of meetings. Observers shall not participate as authors of technical documents. Observer participation shall be to provide specific subject matter expertise and Observers shall be occasional and not regular committee participants. Only members of IHE International have voting rights at domain committee meetings.

Representatives with voting privileges may vote and count towards quorum. NOTE: New Member Organizations are granted voting privileges at the start of their second consecutive meeting.

QRPH Registry

The QRPH Registry lists various Profile Names, Template Identifiers, Format Codes, and OIDs that are under the control of the QRPH Committee.


Quality, Research and Public Health 2016-2017 Technical Development Cycle (calendar year 2015-2016)