QRPH Tech Minutes 2011-07-15

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  • Didi Davis
  • Amit Popat
  • Nitin Kunte
  • Roy Hightower
  • Wendy Blumenthal
  • Terese Finitzo
  • Michelle Williamson
  • Wendy Scharber
  • John Eichwald
  • Lori Fourquet
  • Lisa Nelson
  • Mark Arratoon
  • Lisa Nelson
  • Chris Carr
  • LaShawn Edwards
  • Nichole Drye-Mayo


MCH Public Comment Review
RPE Public Comment Review
  • Action: All editors and authors are asked to summarize the status of their supplement in the dashboard prior to next week's meeting. Goal for next week is to have documents 99% done by end of next week in order to get them published on schedule.

July 18-22, 2011 Face to Face Meeting Agenda

  • Begins at 10:00am CDT on Monday, July 18
  • EHDI Team will meet at 8:30 am CDT
Review agenda/reminders for next week

Quality, Research and Public Health Technical Committee