QRPH Tech Minutes 2011-06-17

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  • Mark Aratoon
  • Chris Carr
  • Didi Davis
  • John Eichwald
  • Mary Jungers
  • Eddy Rospide

Quorum not attained, see roster.


  • Reviewed list of documents to be published for Public Comment
  • MCH, EHCP, PRPH-Ca, RPE to move forward in regular cycle toward Trial Implementation
  • PH-Rpt and QMD will be published with the introductory statement that they are intended to solicit comment with the target of moving to Trial Implementation in 2012
  • QME will move forward without the introductory statement, but will be carefully reviewed prior to Trial Implementation publication
  • Set sequence of review meetings during the public comment period to gather committee comments
  • 6/24: PRPH-Ca
  • 7/1: MCH
  • 7/8: EHCP, QME
  • 7/15: RPE
  • Action Item: Chris Carr to send email to list regarding schedule of review tcons

Quality, Research and Public Health Technical Committee