QRPH Tech Minutes 2011-05-20

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  • Wendy Blumenthal - CDC
  • Chris Carr - RSNA
  • Didi Davis - Serendipity
  • Xidong Deng - CDC
  • Nichole Drye-Mayo - RSNA
  • Lisa Nelson - Technical Management Group
  • Anna Orlova - PHDSC
  • Amit Popat - Epic
  • Michelle Williamson - CDC


  • Quorum attained: see roster
  • Voting on profiles to be submitted for Public Comment
  • Mother and Child Health (MCH): Motion to advance draft to public comment status providing the following changes are made:
  • EHCP: Committee identified the following required changes
  • Revise Table to clearly identify conditions under which conditional elements need to be present
  • Motion: Nitin motioned to approve with changes below. LF seconded the motion.
  • EHCP updates
  • XXXX
  • <template issues>
  • Diagram transaction label
  • XD* for swim lanes
  • add primary care provider in swim lanes
  • C vs R2 and descriptions
  • fix Options table
  • Intro numbering? to be verified by Chris
  • Verifying all numbering
  • Motion approved.
  • PRPH-Ca
  • LF will email the group with comments about this profile.
  • Scheduled additional call to address remaining profiles:
  • Weds., June 1, 8:30-10:00 am CT

Quality, Research and Public Health Technical Committee