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This page documents the activities of the IHE Quality, Research and Public Health (QRPH) domain in doing strategic planning.

Strategic Priorities

The QRPH domain currently plans to work in the following areas:

  • Improve information exchange between healthcare providers and organizations that depend on healthcare data, particularly in public health, quality reporting, and medical research.
  • Define appropriate content exports from healthcare systems through development of CDA implementation guides and appropriate semantic mappings to complementary specifications such as CDISC's Operational Data Model, Quality Data Model, etc.
  • Develop ways to automate collaborative workflow between healthcare systems and secondary use systems in quality, research, and public health.
  • Enable a data life cycle of capture, transformation, and transfer that leads to appropriate data submital appropriate government agencies, including the US agencies FDA, CDC, and ONC, and including corresponding international agencies.
  • Promote widespread adoption and implementation of IHE QRPH-developed profiles.
  • The dominant themes for the next few years will involve work around Public Health Cancer Registry reporting, Maternal Child Health, Early Hearing Screening, identification of gaps in standards for Quality Reporting, and Clinical research.


The QRPH domain has defined the following categories to organize the profiles it has published thus far.

Capabilities Description QRPH profiles (2011)
Health Record Sharing Profiles in the Health Record Sharing category support the ability to share patient specific and aggregated healthcare information between healthcare providers and organizations that depend on healthcare data. This includes the ability to submit, locate/list, push, pull and retrieve patient specific healthcare information. CRD, DSC, PRPH-Ca, EHDI, MCH, BFDR, NANI
Workflow Enablers Profiles in the Workflow Enablers category support standard sequences for performing workflow activities. RPE, CRPC, NANI
Semantic Enablers Profiles in the semantic enablers category support the ability to share information needed for interoperability between healthcare and secondary use agencies. This category includes clinical coding, technical or IT management information. CRD, DSC, PRPH-Ca, EHCP, EHDI, MCH, BFDR, HBS


The QRPH domain has identified the following areas of expertise and weaknesses.

Category Areas of expertise Areas of outreach
Quality Accreditation, Quality measure development and reporting, Quality reporting workflow CMS, ONC, HL7 (QRDA, HQMF, PQRS, QDM) NQF, International
Research CDISC standards (ODM, CDASH), FDA regulations (21 CFR 11, eSource), clinical research execution and monitoring. CDISC, FDA, SHARP, HL7, EHR4CR, International
Public Health Public health reporting in North America (cancer, immunization, newborn reporting). PHDSC, CDC, International

QRPH Liaisons

The following table describes the liaisons from QRPH to other IHE domains.

Domain Committee Liaison Reports

Domain Liason
Information Technology Infrastructure Lori Fourquet
Cardiology Harry Solomon
Laboratory Wendy Blumenthal
Patient Care Coordination Patty Craig
Patient Care Devices Michael Celeste
Radiology Chris Carr

Cross-Domain Strategic Planning Work Group

Quality, Research and Public Health