QRPH Plan/Tech Tcon Minutes 2010-04-08

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  • Landen Bain - CDISC
  • Nichole Drye-Mayo - RSNA
  • Davera Gabriel - UC Davis
  • Gary Walker - Quintiles


  • List of things to do prior to April 26 face to face meeting
  • Open Issues - How will a record of the transaction persist? Quality use case? How to export aggregate data? How will RSP comply with 21 CRF 11 and the need for an audit trail? How will RSP manage privacy constraints on data, e.g. IRB constraints?
  • Section 2.5 Dependencies (Binding on IHE Integration Profiles - what are the other 3 columns in this table?
  • Davera will do clinical research use case on X.2.1.
  • Jason and Steve were going to work X.2.3 Quality Redaction
  • Take existing X.2.2 and put under X.3
  • Landen will do X.3 (Actors, diagram and transactions)
  • X.5 Landen will see if the RFD variant fits in X.5.
  • Landen and Davera will do Volume 2
  • Volume I and II need to be completed by the end of the f2f
  • X.9 - Gary will model the process into swim lane diagram

Quality, Research and Public Health Planning Committee

Quality, Research and Public Health Technical Committee