QRPH 2018-2019 Planning and Development Cycle (calendar year 2017-2018)

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Timeline: 2018-2019 Planning and Development Cycle (calendar year 2017-2018)

The following table outlines the general activities and steps planned for the 2017-2018 calendar year.

The Timeline shows the main milestones of the development cycle, and the actual date/time/location they have been Scheduled for this year. Specific meetings and their agendas and minutes are generally listed on the Quality, Research and Public Health Planning Committee and Quality, Research and Public Health Technical Committee pages.

Dates and times are U.S. Central Time (Chicago).

Scheduled Activity
August 1 Call for Profile/White Paper Proposals Opens: Submit to qrph@ihe.net
September 22 Call for Proposals Closes
October 6 and 13 Committee participates in Planning Committee's Proposal Review
October 16-17 2018-2019 Development Cycle Planning Proposal Evaluation Kickoff - Planning Committee Meeting
November 15-16 Technical Proposal Evaluation Meeting - Technical Committee Meeting in Oak Brook, IL
January 15-19 Test implementations at IHE North American Connectathon 2018 - HIMSS Innovation Center, Cleveland OH
February 12-15 Volume One Finalization Meeting - TBD
March 5-9 HIMSS Annual Meeting - Las Vegas, NV
April 16-20 IHE European Connectathon - The Hague in the Netherlands
April 30-May 3 Preparations for Public Comment and Issuance Meeting
July 23-26 Preparation for Trial Implementation and Issuance Meeting