QRPH 2009 Jan 21 Tech Call Minutes

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  • Patty Craig (The Joint Commission)
  • Floyd Eisenberg (National Quality Forum)
  • Vassil Peytchev (EPIC)
  • Jason Colquitt (Greenway Medical Systems)
  • Theresa Finito
  • Jan Orton (Intermountain Healthcare)
  • Bob Kaye
  • Ana Estelrich (GMP-DIP)
  • Dan Levy
  • Charles Rica (GMP-DIP)
  • S. Girde (Public Health Data Standards Consortium)
  • Anna Orlova (Public Health Data Standards Consortium)
  • Gary Walker

Profiles and White papers

The following four (4) profiles, one (1) Technical Committee white paper, and two (2) Planning Committee white papers were reviewed. Details are generally provided by navigating to the links.

Project Facts and Proposals

All papers have had activities updated either on the wiki or via discussion and all are on target for presentation at the face-to-face meetings in Oakbrook next week.

Next Steps

Meet in Oakbrook January 26, 2009. Individual workgroups to plan their group calls in the interim and notify the Technical Committee through Google Groups.

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