PaLM Conf Minutes 2020-November-18

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Name Email
Mary Kennedy
Mandel Mickley
Rikki Merrick
Alessandro Sulis
Dan Rutz
Kevin Schap
David Beckman
Raj Dash
Francesca Vanzo
Jim Harrison
Ralf Herzog
JD Nolen
Francesca Frexia
Brian Bialecki
Markus Herrmann
George Birdsong
David Clunie
Peter Mello
Craig Sayers NHS
Daniel Moncusi
Nick Haarselhorst
Philip Von Voights-Rhetz
Gianluca Pavan
Gregorio Canal Arsenal.IT

Next meeting: December 9, 2020

  • New proposals for the 2021 cycle:
    • 1. Digital Pathology Aid for Telemedicine (presented by Francesca Vanzo)
      • ***Discussion:
        • Very needed use cases
        • Digital imaging component but could also be glass slides
        • Reporting component
        • Neither are standardized for consultations
        • LIS/PACS dealing with different aspects of this use case
        • Additional use cases to be developed:
          • Consulting own provider in same system:
          • Referral of patients from outside for treatment with images for review as part of that
        • Add in to propsoal:
          • APSR as referenced profile (to get information about the case that has already been reported)
          • Inventory of available images may need to get added into APSR
          • Need to compare APSR to use of Standard Data Capture (SDC) – so include both as standards to review
        • Create more of a focus for the first profile to be successful
        • There has been some work in different countries:
          • PIE project (Paul Van Dies) uses centralized archive
          • Other architecture available
        • Main barrier is sharing of the images
          • Privacy
          • Size of the image
          • Use of task manager (should this be standardized or leave that proprietary)
          • Report formats are country specific and so many options to choose from
        • See if we can get some vendors interested
          • Use case #1 may be best from vendor standpoint – higher hurdle currently, so more bang for the buck
          • Use case #2 is more prevalent, but there is already processes established that are proprietary
      • Next Step:
        • Review and sign up for it from vendor standpoint and we will decide on the December 2020 PaLM call
    • 2. Radiology / Pathology Concordance Reporting Proposal – further review (
      • Unresolved: APSR vs SDC use – so need to have champions for each report kind
        • APSR most surgical reports are this way
        • SDC used in cancer research (project team has more experience here)
      • Specific vendor support?
        • Brian will follow up and bring this back to December call
    • 3. Schedule vote for both work items on December 9 call
  • SET
    • Template questions
      • Leave numbering as X until we publish the supplement
      • New sections?
        • Drop the pre-conditions set under the
      • Volume 2
        • Placed the data element mapping into the message semantic section – agree this is fine
    • Appendix A has the vocabulary – table needs to still be flattened
    • All open issues are related to the message structure, so need to bring this discussion back to HL7 OO group
      • Send the updated documentation to OO list and then review on Dec 3 or Dec 10 – bring this up on the OO call tomorrow
  • Preparation of elections of cochairs
    • Francois is stepping down after being a Technical Co-Chair for over 13 years!
    • We will need to hold elections
  • Preparation of PaLM annual Board report
    • Riki will prepare for review on December call