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Domain Planning Committees have two administrative cochairs who are responsible for the tasks below. Since everyone has a real job, having two cochairs allows them to load balance and there is a better chance there will be at least one cochair at each meeting. The cochairs are elected by the Domain Planning Committee, typically for two-year terms in alternate years so new cochairs will have an experienced cochair to help them get up to speed.

Publicly Communicate your Domain Activities

  • Maintain the master Timeline on your Domain Page
  • Maintain the Profile Selection information on your Domain Page
  • Provide advance notifications of the main process deadlines and milestones to your Domain Sponsor Liaison for publication on IHE News.

Maintaining your Committee Roster

Scheduling Meetings

CoChairs are responsible for adding entries to the IHE Calendar for all T-Cons and Meetings.

  • Click "Add Event" at the top of the calendar
  • Pay attention to the Time Zone (IHE usually uses Central Time, i.e. Chicago)
  • Include the Cmte Name in the Title
  • List yourself as the Contact
  • Select your committee in the Group pulldown
  • Indicate the agenda/topic in the Event Description box

The sponsors are responsible for sending out notifications to the committee mailing list:

  • when the meeting is first scheduled
  • as a reminder a day or two before the meeting

Chairing T-Cons

Chairing Face-to-Face Meetings


Recommend that Cochairs attend Tech Cmte meetings to facilitate handoffs and proper division of tasks.