PCD Profile V. 1 Assigned Section Numbers

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Assigned Section Numbers for Profiles in PCD Technical Framework Volume 1

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(This page is probably only of use to you if you are a Profile Supplement editor)

No. Abbrev. Name Comments
6 IDCO Implantable Device - Cardiac Observations Already in volume 1 of TF as Section 6
7 ACM Alarm Communication Management  
8 IPEC (/EC) Infusion Pump Event Communication  
9 ADQ Asynchronous Data Query  
10 POI Pulse Oximetry Integration  
11 PCIM Point-of-Care Identity Management  
12 DS-IP-LVP Device Specialization – Infusion Pump – Large Volume Pump  
13 DS-IP-SYR Device Specialization – Infusion Pump – Syringe Pump  
14 DS-IP-PCA Device Specialization – Infusion Pump – Patient-Controlled Analgesia Pump