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Patient Care Device Domain

Meeting Purpose

Scheduled Joint Meeting of the PCD Planning and Technical Committees

WebEx Information

Topic: PCD Committee Tcons

Date: Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Time: 11:00 am, Eastern Time (New York )

Duration: 60 Minutes

Proposed Agenda


1 Review of email ballots resulting from the F2F
2 PCD Governance Wiki PCD Governance
3 Update on Brief Profile Proposals PCD_Proposals_2009-2010:
  • ACM Open Issues / Extensions
  • PIV Open Issues / Extensions
  • RTM Open Issues / Extensions
  • DPI Profile Update
  • WCM Profile Update
  • QBD Profile Update
4 White Paper Proposals PCD_Proposals_2009-2010:
  • DPI
  • Medical Device Semantic Architecture
  • Regulatory Considerations
5 Showcase Planning PCD Connectathon&Showcase WG 2008-9
  • Companies and systems participating
  • Scenario PCD Showcase 2009 Scenario
  • Physical layout
  • Network and utility requirements
  • New Directions
6 IHE International
  • IEEE-IHE MoU Update
7 Continua
8 Review Schedule for remainder of 2008
9 New Business

Discussion Summary and Action Items from Previous Meetings

It is likely that Discussion Summaries from previous meetings, and Action Items will not be addressed; these are for ready reference

Action Items from the previous meetings can be found on the pages for the next meetings:

The next PC meeting will be Dec. 17: PCD PC 2008-12-17 Webex

The next TC meeting will be Dec. 10: PCD TC 2008-12-10 Webex


Chair: Todd Cooper

Jon Blasingame, Todd Cooper, Bikram Day, Al Engelbert, Robert Flanders, John Garguilo, Christof Gessner (PCD representative from Germany), Pete Goulding, John Hotchkiss, Brad Lunde, Steve Merritt, Gary Meyer, Monroe Pattillo, Tracy Rausch, John Rhodes, Paul Schluter, Jan Wittenber, Scott Zaffrin, Khalid Zubaidi, Manny Furst


Item Topic Discussion
1 Introductions & Agenda Review
- Chair
  • Christof Gessner (Germany) introduced himself.


  • Agenda was accepted with the addition of ICE-PAC.


2 Brief Profile Proposal Updates
- Chair
  • ACM – address profile update for AM – AC – AM
ACM needs to address the limited message capability of Polycom in the Showcase.
  • PIV – has the open issue of moving from HL7 v.2.5 to 2.6
  • RTM – Paul will provide an update in about a week. Paul is developing an XLST query to facilitate validation within the table. Ventilator nomenclature development still in process.
John Garguilo: NIST is working to provide an early test for this year against the harmonized value. For this first trial there will be no “failed” systems, just an indication.
Todd asked if there was linkage between the MSH 20 and OBX. Arbitrary information will remain used in MSH 20 until HL7 addresses the issue.
  • DPI white paper proposal is incomplete
  • MEM [add to agenda and possibly the Wiki page] Steve will schedule a meeting
  • QBD, WCM discussion deferred


  • Manny will send Monroe an email about the extension of ACM and limited message capability of Polycom in the Showcase.

- Chair
  • Tracy provided an update. Several meetings have been held. Many involved are in the Boston area.
  • PCA use case and clinical workflow is the first and should provide an opportunity to develop several building blocks. There is a meeting later today (3 EST).
  • Jan discussed the various components and interfaces with other systems (e.g., if needed data is in a clinical data sheet).



4 Announcements
- Chair




5 Showcase and Connectathon
- Manny


  • PCD will define use of the “4th wall”
  • John Garguilo indicated that NIST will have a demonstration of RTM testing.
  • Polycom has proposed a slide show related to the ACM extension to the AC messages. It may be placed on the 4th wall.
  • It is not clear which committee or if it is the WG that will determine the use made of the 4th wall.
  • Manny requested participants to send their physical and utility requirements and to provide draft scripts, preferably this week.


  • Pre-Connectathon tests are being developed. Virtual Connectathon testing will be scheduled to provide an extra level of assurance that systems will work. This was recommended by last year’s participants and made more important by the increased number of profiles that several companies will test in the limited time available at the Connectathon. PCD participants will set the schedule for the Virtual Connectathon.



6 Announcements
- Chair
  • IHE-IEEE MOU – no news.
  • Continua – no news.
  • Elections – Lisa will certify, announce the results



Next Meeting

The next PC meetings will be Dec. 17: PCD PC 2008-12-17 Webex and January 14.

The next TC meetings will be Dec. 10: PCD TC 2008-12-10 Webex and January 7.

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