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Patient Care Device Domain - Medial Equipment Management Working Group

Meeting Purpose

Develop a Demonstration at AAMI 2013 conference to showcase messaging between devices, CMMS, alarm management/phones

Meeting Information

Topic: PCD Device Comm and RTLS at AAMI

Date: Friday 5/3 at 2:00P EDT (NY Time)

Duration: 60 minutes

Proposed Agenda

Agenda – three areas of interest identified here; more welcome; and handout and flyer if time permits

- Update progress on connections for device condition and location data:
Device to AwarePoint RTLS: Hospira Pump for location, potentially start/stop (utilization)
Devices to EQ2 CMMS: B Braun and Philips (alarms and/or alerts/events such as battery condition, start stop)
Alarm or alert to phones: B Braun, Philips to Amcom, Philips (device condition)
Utilization or Start/Stop Times: B Braun and/or AwarePoint to EQ2
- Posters for New Directions:
please see the attachments in the email, indicate which should be included, identify improvements
Barrett’s PCD-Overall poster included for information and potential ideas
any others to consider?
- Invitation/Heads Up to AAMI Exhibitors and Others (possibly modify for other profiles and vendor targets)


Chair: Manny Furst

Carlene Anteau, Al Engelbert, Monroe Pattillo, Paul Sherman, Jim Smith, Benjamin Yam, Manny Furst


Manny reviewed the agenda and attachments in the email sent in advance of the meeting.

Verification of the Potential Demonstration Messaging

- Confirmed:
B Braun to AwarePoint - PCD-10 start/pause or stop
Hospira to AwarePoint - proprietary and possibly PCD-10
Hospira Location – Simulated display, live start/stop or pause
B Braun sent sample PCD-10 to EQ2; nothing yet from Hospira
Al will send PCD-04 sample to Jim; B Braun could send low battery alarm to EQ2 if desired
Philips monitor alarm to EQ2 – unknown status
- Manny to ask Bob and Rob to work with Al, John Rhoads for alarm
Philips alarm system receiving alarm from a device, shown on monitor, phone.
John would send a battery alarm.
- Monroe will send connection/configuration information next week.
- Jim offered insight into utilization: two aspects - units of time, units of use (e.g., one scan of a diagnostic ultrasound unit); location will require identification of the unit and location as free form or more specifically related to a universal structure. Monroe added that the ITI domain is looking at location in the limited sense of the hospital’s clinical location; this is not RTLS in the usual sense. He described the lack of standards.


- Carlene’s accepted as final.
- MEM poster was discussed. Jim suggested that the center portion become a greater focus. He and Paul will offer suggestions early next week.
This will likely obviate the need for second poster describing the combination of DCM and RTLS.
- MEM: Change to IPEC for this year.


- Participants will review the handout. It will be reviewed Tuesday and hopefully finalized next week. Carlene was thanked for the editing and revised format.
- Manny asked if a second handout focused on the DMC/RTLS demonstration and benefits would be useful as a take away and to facilitate biomeds’ discussion with other vendors, encouraging them to join the WG and develop the profiles.

Next Meeting

Friday May 10, 3PM Eastern (NY Time) PCD MEM 2013-05-10

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