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The Device Point-of-care Integration (DPI) Discovery and Association (DnA) profile supplement provides support for devices to discover and associate with other devices, manager systems or applications. The DPI-DnA profile is foundational to all other DPI components in that it provides a standard method for establishing connections between systems and applications. his Discussion page captures drafts of the profile supplement, action items and decisions, meeting links, editorial schedule, etc.

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  • Profile Supplement Draft (v0.1)

Background References

NOTE: Additional DPI documents are located on the main DPI wiki page

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Editorial Plan & Schedule

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<NOTE: DnA-specific meetings are currently scheduled for after the initial publication of the DPI White Paper>

Action Items

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No. Action Item Owner Participants Due Open/Closed Description/Update
1 ... ... ... 2009.xx.yy Open ..

Working Group Decisions

NOTE: These decisions are in addition to the action items listed above.

No. Decision Date Description
1 ... <wiki page for discussion session + date 2009.xx.yy> ...