PCD Connectathon&Showcase 2009-03-25 Webex

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PCD Connectathon & Showcase Regularly Scheduled Meeting

Action Items

Due Dates and Item:

  • Mar. 25: (Manny) Update on ADT/patient-visitor id and association with systems. Need to resolve the bar code unnecessary characters to make this workable. Registration system will be solely for the Showcase, with 300-500 visitors.
  • Apr. 15: (John Garguilo) Updates on how RTM will be tested - likely after the Connectathon.
  • Mar. 25: (Todd) Define contents of fourth wall, provision of monitors, laptops, keyboards, mice.
  • Mar. 25: (Manny) Set PCD Docent training WebEx / on site (and run through at Connectathon)
  • Mar. 24: (Manny) Define handout, print and seek funding
  • Mar. 25: (All) Webex run through of draft Scenario - next run through
  • Closed: (Ken) Update block diagram - in process.
  • Mar. 11: (Manny) Post "lessons learned" to ftp site.
  • Mar. 11: Change proposal to PIB for ADT in PIB option, other CPs, EUI-64 and RTM requirements going forward.


Action Items
Showcase Planning
  • Handouts
- Contents
- Final March 24
  • Scenario update
- Parameter identification, values
  • GE Enterprise virtual testing
- Contingency Planning
  • IEEE video and interviews
  • Docents - we have a sufficient number; more docents would reduce workload on those who have volunteered
  • Dress at the Showcase - white coats, stethoscopes
  • Showcase Internet connections
  • Showcase Rehearsal at the Connectathon
- Schedule a reading for docents and rehearsals
  • Showcase Structure
- Drawings
- Logos
- New Directions Wall - contents


Rita Brahmbhatt, Anupriyo Chakravarti, Al Engelbert, Robert Flanders, Brian Fors, Sarah Hopkins, Brad Lunde, Gary Meyer, Monroe Pattillo, John Rhoads, Jeff Rinda, Khalid Zubaidi, Manny Furst


Review of Meeting Notes: Corrections should be made to the Wiki; significant issues placed on agenda of the next meeting

Item Topic Discussion
1 Introductions & Agenda Review
- Manny



2 Action Items
- Manny

Those discussed and due were addressed and discussed lower on this page if relevant:

  • Update on scenario, story line and parameters - Below
  • The Showcase registration process - Below
  • NIST support of PCD profile validation - Deferred
  • PCD structure at Showcase - Below
  • New Directions wall - Below
  • PCD Docent recruiting and training - Below
  • Showcase block diagram and handout - Below
  • MAC Addresses and Internet connections - Below
  • Virtual Showcase Testing - Below

Items with other dates:

Those closed were:



  • As above.
3 Showcase Planning
- Manny
  • Status report
- PCD is on track, and has a concern for the GE medical record system.
  • Structure
- Drawings of the structure have not been received. They will be distributed when received.
- Signage over the three clinical and New Directions sides was shown. All participating companies' logos will be placed on each wall (11 total).
- Signage and posters on the New Directions wall were shown. Logos will be HIMSS, ACCE, IEEE, EMBS, HL7
- Three large signs identifying the structure will be mounted on a tower and be visible over the top of the PCD structure.
  • Handouts
- Have gone to the printer and the last version will be distributed to participants later today. [posted to ftp site today as well]
  • Script
- A reading took place just before this meeting. Several changes will be incorporated and a "hopefully final" version distributed by Friday.
  • GE Enterprise EHR Internet testing
- Ruth was able to test with two DORs. Other DORs, especially those sending data to Ruth were asked to participate in testing. We may need to conduct tests on site.
  • IEEE Video and Interviews
- New and exciting opportunity for PCD and participating companies. IEEE will have a videographer at HIMSS and PCD hopes to be able to spotlight its work and its use of IEEE standards. PCD is trying to arrange for participants to have time with them.
  • Docents
- We have a sufficient number.
- Docents are entitled to free exhibit hall registration and badges. Anyone needing one should contact Manny.
  • Dress Code
- White coats for docents - Manny will request sizes, obtain several and bring them. He asked participants to indicate if they can contribute to the cost, about $30 each.
- Participants should bring a stethoscope if they can do so.
  • Stucture and Utilities
- All mounts, including the ones for the monitors, and hardware must be provided. If renting the monitor, the contractor will mount it.
- Carpenters will mount everything, and will drill holes for cables, power cords.
- Network and Electrical have been cast in concrete. Since the structure will be in place before we arrive no changes can be made. Please bring extra length or extensions for all cables, power, etc.
  • Docent Rehearsal on Site
- For those not previously participating in a Showcase, orientation to the physical and organizational aspects is important.
- A rehearsal will help overcome nervousness and will be scheduled for Saturday and possibly Sunday (see email, request for response to Doodle survey)
- Docent rehearsal/training - will attempt to schedule around segments of the larger Showcase Docent training; that may not be possible. Docents may wish to attend part of that meeting.
  • Invitation
- PCD will invite the CE-IT Community to visit the Showcase via its listserv. If anyone wants a draft to use to invite other organizations let Manny know.



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