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PCD Connectathon/Showcase WG

Action Items

Due Dates and Item:

  • Open Date: Monitor registrations for various actors. The next update will be available soon.
  • Dec. 17: (Manny) Summarize focused meeting, include diagram.
  • Manny will contact John Donnelly to learn if HIMSS Convention Registration will include an MRN barcode, what the barcode standard will be
  • Dec. 17: (Bikram) Now unlikely to have bidirectional distributed demo - pushing data in from their booth to the demo.
  • Dec. 17: (All) Provide material for the Scenario (outline or brief description) to be followed by Manny compiling a single view.
  • Identify overarching message (e.g., patient safety. Note that Ray presented the stakeholder survey which showed
  • Survey Slide #17, "Improved Patient Care and Safety" was by far the greatest "incentives for IHE integration"; #2 was "Long term cost reduction"; #3 was improved workflow
  • Workshop discussion suggested we focus on these, with 5 rights, remote alarm communication among the specifics
  • Dec. 17: Datamax and Zebra have been approached. Zebra appears willing. Manny to talk with them about bar code printers again after today's meetings.
  • Dec. 17 (John Garguilo): Continue to provide updates on how RTM will be tested in Pre-Connectathon, Virtual Connectathon, and Connectathon.
  • Dec. 17: (Manny) Created Wiki page for "virtual connectathon" on Connectathon '09 page. Will eventually include, partners, issues list / resolution, status, etc.
  • Dec. 17: (Bikram, Rita/Jim Higgins) Identify the devices to be connected to middleware
  • Dec. 17: (Moved) (Manny) Coordinate ADT testing (Virtual and Connectathon) with Bill Klaver, coordinate with Steve Moore, John Donnelly, seek a backup system.
  • Dec. 17:(Brett) Update name for alarm product
  • Dec. 17: (Manny) Update structure diagrams with SIS, other, and printers
  • Jan. 6: Define contents of fourth wall
  • Jan. 6:(Manny) Business card for Showcase w/ all companies listed + Booth numbers
  • Jan. 6?: (Manny) Set PCD Docent training WebEx / on site (and run through at Connectathon)
  • Jan. 6?: (All) Webex run through of draft Scenario
  • Jan. 13: (Pump Vendors, Enterprise Systems) Vendors will provide their own approach to bar coding for drugs, infusions, patients and caregivers and will share with partners needing this information for the Virtual Connectathon and later activities.
  • Jan. 13: (Ken) Update block diagram with locations of SIS, Cerner, Capsule
  • Jan. 14: Steve Moore needs MAC addresses
  • Jan. 19-30: Virtual Connectathon (tentative deadline for completion; partners may test anytime before this)


Action Items
Issues and questions about:
  • The Trial Implementation version of any profiles
  • Registration update; PIV registrations of DEC as option or full listing
  • The MWB
  • HL7
-Version 2.6 vs 2.5
  • Kudu
-PAM, PDQ for PCD alone - see the DOR tests; for complete PAM, PDQ see MESA tests
  • Visitor/patient, caregiver, device ID; follow up to last week's special meeting if necessary
  • Report any discrepancies on tests listed for your systems to Manny
Connectathon Planning
  • Status report on Test Case development for Pre-Connectathon, Virtual Connectathon, Connectathon
-DEC - revised 2008 version out for review for Pre-Connectathon, Connectathon tests
Decision on which tests to use for Virtual Connectathon will follow
-ACM - concept out for review
-PIV - concept has been reviewed, request drug information
  • Will be entered into Kudu ASAP for Pre-Connectathon and Connectathon testing
-Virtual Connectathon testing is separate from these
Showcase Planning
  • Scenario update
- Wiki page for Scripts
- Ruth's questions; can we use the patient's name, sex and preload other data?
  • Showcase Structure
- Drawings, only minor changes are required
- Utilities (electric, network)
- Physical requirements (size, mounts if larger, etc)
- Logos - one per company - which sides?
  • Pumps: KVM or no KVM swithces
  • Fourth Wall - what will we do with it?
Next Meetings


Ruth Berge, Rita Brahmbahtt, Brett Cohen, Bikram Day, Al Engelbert, Robert Flanders, Chad Hays, Brad Lunde, Gary Meyer, John Rhoads, Jeff Rinda, Manny Furst


Review of Meeting Notes: Corrections should be made to the Wiki; significant issues placed on agenda of the next meeting

Item Topic Discussion
1 Introductions & Agenda Review
- Manny



2 Action Items
- Manny

Those discussed and due Dec. 17 were:

  • ADT/visitor identification, system associations - see below.
  • Manny reminded participants of information that is due.
  • Tests will be available after the holidays.

Items with other dates:

Those closed were:

  • Bidirectional demonstration will not take place.



  • As above.
3 Issues and Questions
- Manny

Patient/visitor identification and associating the ID with the device.

  • Extended discussion included:
- Ruth asked if GE Enterprise and Epic would provide ADT messages to PCD systems that can use ADT.
- Ruth raised questions about associating devices and systems, and how patients are admitted/discharged or removed. This year one patient may start, another end on a given wall. The data from the first clinical site the visitor attends must flow from that area to the next.
- Al suggested that a visitor be registered at the Showcase, and that Epic, GE re-register them on the global ADT system and PCD systems can listen to that updated registration.
- Location information may or may not be required by any system, even if there is a workaround required. Systems will have only one bed, one patient at a time.
- Patient would be registered by Ruth or Colin and they would create a subset with a separate feed for PCD available to and Cerner and Epic
- Manny to ask John Donnelly again about registration – will it be all HIMSS registrations or just Showcase.
- Manny to schedule another meeting to resolve remaining issues.



4 Connectathon Planning
- Manny
  • Test case development:

Test Cases are out for review of tests or concepts

  • Virtual Connectathon
- no change



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