PCD Connectathon&Showcase 2008-12-03 Webex

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PCD Connectathon/Showcase WG

Action Items

Due Dates and Item:

  • Open Date: Monitor registrations for various actors.
  • Dec. 3 (Updated, moved): (Ruth) Does GE Enterprise include the 5-rights data entry?
  • Dec. 3 (Updated, moved): Al provided information about PAM, the need for A04 which is in ITI-31, not ITI-30, will be part of patient ID issue
  • Dec. 3 (Updated, moved): (Colin FX/ Ruth) - summarize patient ID/registration requirements / issues from discussion. Group will review and discuss in a subsequent WebEx session.
  • Dec. 3 (Moved): (Bikram) Describe the approach Capsule wants to take to have bidirectional distributed demo - pushing data in from their booth to the demo.
  • Dec. 3 (Moved): (All) Provide material for the Scenario (outline or brief description) to be followed by Manny compiling a single view.
  • Dec. 3 (Moved): Sarah Higgins identified contacts at Datamax and Zebra. Manny to talk with them about bar code printers.
  • Dec. 3 (Moved): Determine how RTM will be tested in Pre-Connectathon, Virtual Connectathon, and Connectathon.
  • Dec. 3: (Manny) Learn if HIMSS Convention Registration will include an MRN barcode, what the barcode standard will be
  • (Pump Vendors, Enterprise Systems) Establish bar coding for drugs, infusions, patients
  • (All) Patient IDs, ADT/PIB issues
  • Dec. 3: (Manny) Create Wiki page for "virtual connectathon" on Connectathon '09 page. Include, partners, issues list / resolution, status, etc.
  • Dec. 3: (All) Identify overarching message (e.g., patient safety. Note that Ray presented the stakeholder survey which showed
  • Survey Slide #17, "Improved Patient Care and Safety" was by far the greatest "incentives for IHE integration"; #2 was "Long term cost reduction"; #3 was improved workflow
  • Workshop discussion suggested we focus on these, with 5 rights, remote alarm communication among the specifics
  • Dec. 3: (Bikram, Jim Higgins) Identify the devices to be connected to middleware
  • Dec. 18: (Moved) (Manny) Coordinate ADT testing (Virtual and Connectathon) with Bill Klaver, coordinate with Steve Moore, John Donnelly, seek a backup system.
  • Dec. 18:(Brett) Update name for alarm product
  • Dec. 18: (Manny, pump vendors, any others) Wireless spectrum management. Didi is not supportive of addressing this throughout the convention hall, recommends approaching John Donnelly. Manny will contact John.
  • ? Steve Moore needs MAC addresses
  • Dec. 18:(Emergin, LiveData) Schedule Connectathon on site testing with Polycom
  • Jan. 6:(Manny) Business card for Showcase w/ all companies listed + Booth numbers
  • Jan. 6?: (Manny) Set PCD Docent training WebEx / on site (and run through at Connectathon)
  • Jan. 6?(All) Webex run through of draft Scenario


Action Items
Issues and questions about:
  • The Trial Implementation version of any profiles
  • The MWB
  • HL7
- Version 2.6 vs 2.5
  • Kudu for Pre-Connectathon and Connectathon testing
- PAM, PDQ testing

Connectathon Planning

  • Status report on Test Case development
Pre-Connectathon, Virtual Connectathon, Connectathon
  • DEC with PIB and SPD
  • ACM
  • PIV
  • RTM

Showcase Planning

  • Structure
- Drawings
- Utilities (electric, network)
- Physical requirements (size, mounts if larger, etc)
- Wireless requirements for Connectathon and Showcase
- Logos - one per company - which sides?
- How will we display RTM and the new profiles under development?



Dan Bowling, Rita Brahmbhatt, Anupriyo Chakravarti, Bikram Day, Al Engelbert, Robert Flanders, Brian Fors, John Garguilo, Karen Jimenez, Brad Lunde, Gary Meyer, Monroe Pattillo, John Rhoads, Khalid Zubaidi, Manny Furst


Review of Meeting Notes: Corrections should be made to the Wiki; significant issues placed on agenda of the next meeting

Item Topic Discussion
1 Introductions & Agenda Review
- Manny
  • No changes



2 Action Items
- Manny

The following were updated:

  • Unless otherwise noted, items due Dec. 3 are now due Dec. 10; other changes follow.
  • Robert will check with Ruth about the IOP capabilities
  • Questions about PAM, PDQ, patient and other identities will be addressed in the special focused WG meeting next Wed.
  • Bikram indicated that Capsule is rethinking the concept of a distributed demo due to the complexity of connecting their booth to the Showcase.
  • Manny asked participants to post their scripts to the Wiki page or to send it to them for posting.
  • There's been no response to requests for printers; Manny will ask again.
  • John Garguilo provided an update and participants indicated that testing RTM in PCD-01 without the need for constraints on parameter values.
  • Bar code registration will also be addressed in the special focused meeting.
  • Wiki page for the Virtual Connectathon is up, but does yet not have useful information.
  • The overarching message remains an issue.
  • Bikram and Rita will address the devices to be connected.
  • Polycom is planning to attend the Connectathon all day Thursday and on Friday morning. Manny will confirm this as optimal will John Donnelly.



3 Issues and Questions
- Manny
  • No issues were raised that hadn't been discussed as part of the Action Item list.



4 Connectathon Planning
- Manny

Status Report on Test Case Development

  • DEC: Last year's tests have been updated, mostly minor changes and a couple of additional tests.
  • ACM: Test concepts have been sent for review. The tests will hopefully be available next week.
  • PIV: Test concepts have been reviewed. The tests will hopefully be available next week.
  • RTM: See John Garguilo's update in the Action Items discussion, above.

Virtual Connectathon

  • Tentatively scheduled for last two weeks of January, as a deadline. Developers may establish schedules with their partners in advance of that as well.
  • Monroe will be able to receive messages to the AM in the near future.
  • Tests will be a subset of the Pre-Connectathon tests. We will define that list.



5 Showcase Planning
- Manny


  • Manny requested participants send their physical and utility requirements this week. The requirements will be aggregated and provided to Steve Moore and John Donnelly.
  • Company logos should have been provided to HIMSS. Each company will display one logo on one of the walls.
  • The fourth wall has not been defined. Polycom has suggested a slide program addressing the ACM.

Scenario Script

  • Manny requested participants post their scripts or send them for him for posting to the Wiki.



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