PCD Connectathon&Showcase 2008-10-08 Webex

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This was the first of the mostly weekly meetings supporting implementation of PCD profiles for the Connectathon and preparation for the HIMSS Showcase demonstration.

Chair: Manny Furst

Participants: Brett Cohen, Todd Cooper, Robert Cuyugan, Bikram Day, Al Engelbert, Robert Flanders, Colin FX Garstka, John Hotchkiss, Brad Lunde, Jeff Rinda, Kristina Wilson, Scott Zaffrin

Meeting Summary

Manny requested that those implementing the DOC notify him if they are implementing the SPD query. Jeff Rinda indicated that one of Hospira's system would implement this query.

Todd summarized the process ahead, which includes:

  • Register for Connectathon, Showcase.
  • Review published profiles and identify any issues.
  • Attend workshops, meetings.
  • Collaborate in development and testing.
  • Use the Message Workbench to develop and test messages.
  • Identify test partners, prepare for and participate in Virtual Connectathon and Connectathon.
  • Connectathon tests and Showcase demonstration dry runs are both supported at the Connectathon.
  • Develop Scenario and Showcase demonstration including physical design of the demonstration area.
  • Participate in the Showcase.

The Showcase also hosts special off-hours tours for VIPs and foreign government representatives.

Bikram described the benefits of a Virtual Connectathon.

Manny reviewed the company and system registrations received to date and asked for clarifications regarding SPD, ACM, PIV:

  • SPD: While SPD is an option and there are sufficient systems to assure that DEC will be tested, there may not be a sufficient number of DOCs implementing the query.
  • ACM: There are a sufficient number of ARs for the AMs to qualify for testing (2 independent companies plus one group test), there are not a sufficient number of AMs for the ARs to be able to "pass".
The PCD is actively recruiting two ACs for the Showcase in a "new directions" capacity to help provide an impressive demonstration of ACM and to engage them in continued ACM development.
  • PIV: There are a sufficient number of IOPs and IOCs to qualify for full testing if we conduct 2 independent companies' tests plus one group test.
  • RTM: This will be tested within DEC. NIST is developing the test tools. More information about the process and requirements will become available later.

Todd wondered why the SPD option is not more widely supported. He requested vendors to tell him why SPD query has not been implemented in more DOCs.

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