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11073 IEEE 11073 Medical Device Communications IEEE Standard Suite A set of standards covering communications and control for a variety of acute care and home healthcare devices
AAMI Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation Standards Development Organization Sponsor of the IHE PCD
AC Alarm Communication Management IHE PCD Profile Actor Reporting of alarms to persons, for example, by pagers or smart phones
ACM Alarm Communication Management IHE PCD Profile Reporting of alarms to persons, for example, by pagers or smart phones
ADQ Asynchronous Data Query Obsolete IHE PCD Profile name Patient Care Device (PCD) profile allowing a system to request device data from the past from another system. Term replaced by "Retrospective Data Query".
AM Alarm Communicator IHE PCD Profile Actor In the Alarm Communication Management (ACM) profile, an actor receiving alarms after processing by an Alarm Manager (AM) and communicating them to endpoint devices such as pagers or smartphone
AR Alarm Reporter IHE PCD Profile Actor In the Alarm Communication Management (ACM) profile, an actor originating a report of an alarm
ASN.1 Abstract Syntax Notation One Communications term A definition language for communications messages
CDA Clinical Document Architecture HL7 Term An HL7 defined document type based on HL7 Version 3 semantics and expressed in XML
CDR Clinical Data Repository System type Term for a system that supports persistent storage of clinical data, possibly semi-permanently
CIS Clinical Information System System type A system primarily supporting clinical treatment, as opposed to, say, hospital administration
CP Change Proposal IHE Process Term A formal document proposing a change to a Final Text Technical Framework
CT Consistent Time IHE IT Infrastructure Profile Required profile for all other profiles, requiring system clocks to be accurate within a couple of seconds using Network Time Protocol, an IETF
DEC Device Enterprise Communication  IHE PCD Profile Basic data reporting
DIM Domain Information Model 10073 term Model describing the concepts and relationships of a problem domain
DOC Device Observation Consumer IHE PCD Profile Actor An actor capable of consuming device data
DOR Device Observation Reporter IHE Profile Actor IHE actor supporting device data reporting (as to an electronic medical record system)
DPI Device Point-of-Care Integration IHE PCD Work in progress Profiles for low-latency high-volume communications from devices to device managers based on IEEE 11073
DS Device Specialization  IHE PCD Profile type An IHE profile specifying how a particular device type such as a physiological monitor, ventilator or infusion pump should report its data in Device Enterprise Communications
DS-IP Device Specialization - Infusion Pump IHE PCD Work in progress an IHE profile specifying how infusion pumps should report their data in Device Enterprise Communications
EC Event Communication IHE PCD Profile Like IPEC, only not limited to infusion pump events
eMAR Electronic Medical Administration Record System type A system making a record of medication administration
HIMSS Healthcare Information Management Systems Society Standards Development Organization Sponsor of the IHE PCD
IDCO Implantable Device Cardiac Observations IHE PCD Profile Reporting profile for data from implantable devices
IEEE 11073   Standard Medical Device Communications standard, the basis for IHE PCD nomenclature and the hierarchical designation of Medical Device System (MDS), Virtual Medical Device (VMD)
IHE Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise Standards (or Profile) Development Organization An organization to create profiles of standards-based messages, mainly HL7 messages, in order to make them narrow and specific enough to make interoperable messages, in contrast to the great breadth and optionality of the basic HL7 message definitions
IPEC Infusion Pump Event Communications IHE PCD Profile Reporting of infusion pump events to systems, rather than persons, for infusion tracking
ISO International Standards Organization Standards Development Organization An international standards organization defining standards and often re-issuing standards from other standards development organizations for international use.
ITU International Telecommunications Union Standards Development Organization Organization defining international standards for telecommunications technologies
MDIB Medical data information base 11073 term  
MDS Medical Device System Medical Device Communications term Per IEEE 11073 term for an object representing an entire medical device
MDS Medical Device System 11073 term Object corresponding to a whole medical device
MEM Medical Equipment Management IHE PCD Work in progress White paper, and ultimately profiles, for communications related to managing cybersecurity status, patching device software, life cycle management, and the like. 
MEM-DMC Medical Equipment Management - Device Management Communication IHE PCD Work in progress Communication of nonclinical device data for technology management purposes such as tracking device location and maintenance state
MRN Medical Record Number Data item A number assigned by a healthcare provider to be a unique identifier for a patient
NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology Standards Development Organization The federal technology agency that works with industry to develop and apply technology, measurements, and standards.
NTP Network Time Protocol  IETF Recommendation Long-standing method for synchronizing clocks on a network, including the Internet
OID Object identifier Standardized term A system originally defined by the International Telecommunications Union for decentralized creation of unique identifiers, using a hierarchical notation of numbers separated by dots, with each successive number identifying a
OMS Optimized Message Syntax  IHE PCD Work in progress Project to create shorter messages by omitting nonessential characters from the format
PAM Patient Administration Management IHE IT Infrastructure Profile An IHE IT Infrastructure profile allowing a system to receive a flow of Admit-Discharge-Transfer HL7 demographic messages in order to maintain a current list of patients relevant to operation of medical devices
PCD Patient Care Device IHE Domain A domain or sub-part of Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise
PCIM Point-of-Care Identity Management IHE PCD Work in progress Profile to support greater certainty of association between medical device data and the patient's identity
PDQ Patient Data Query IHE IT Infrastructure Profile An IHE IT Infrastructure profile allowing a system to query another system with authoritative patient demographic data in to aid in sending accurate demographic data with device data
PDU Protocol Data Unit Communications term Unit of data in a communication message
PIV Point-of-Care Infusion Verification IHE PCD Profile A profile allowing a system to send an infusion order ultimately to a pump, for verification and starting by a clinician
POI Pulse Oximetry Integration IHE PCD Profile Based on Device Enterprise Communications, but with more specifics about pulse oximetry
RDQ Retrospective Data Query IHE PCD Profile Profile formerly known as Asynchronous Data Query
RDQ Retrospective Data Query IHE PCD Profile Orginally called Asynchronous Data Query, a profile for requesting past device data from capable system.
Rosetta   IHE PCD Project Nomenclature list for PCD profiles and the project to maintain it
RSNA Radiological Society of North America  Standards Development Organization One of the first sponsors of IHE
RTMMS Rosetta Terminology Mapping Management System NIST-IEEE 11073-IHE PCD joint project Software tool and process for updating IEEE 11073-11073 Nomenclature for measurements, alarms, and other device-related entities
SCADA Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Industrial Automation Term In control systems, functionality for gathering data and controlling devices. In 11073, the subset (partition) of terms relating to such functions, including clinical measurements.
TF Technical Framework IHE Process Term A multi-volume document describing the stable (Final Text) profiles of an IHE domain
UID Universal Device Identifier FDA project Ongoing project to define a unique identifier format for all medical devices, starting with non-communicating ones like implants, eventually extending to other kinds of devices.
VMD Virtual Medical Device Medical Device Communications term A medical device system, per IEEE 11073, for an object representing a subsystem of a medical device, as, for example, an ECG module in a physiological monitor
WCM Waveform Content Message IHE PCD Profile A profile for communicating waveform data in HL7 in conjunction with PCD data and alarm transmission