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This page is being updated, please revisit soon for more information Aug 7, 2014


  • Vision/Mission: This is our long term focus. It does not change except under very rare circumstances. The vision and mission statements of PCC can be found on the main PCC wiki page
  • Strategic Goals: These items constitute our medium term focus and do not necessarily represent any specific project or work efforts, but rather categorize what we focus on. These items are reviewed at least once annually, typically during the fall planning meetings.
  • Action Ideas: These are more specific to projects that we are interested in pursing or already pursuing. This list is not necessarily always kept up to date and may be reviewed/updated multiple times per year. This is more of a landing area for new ideas and work items that our domain needs to track, hence the name "Action Ideas."

PCC Vision

The vision of Patient Care Coordination is to continually improve patient outcomes through the use of technology connecting patients and their care providers across healthcare disciplines and care paths.

PCC Mission

The mission of Patient Care Coordination is to develop and maintain interoperability profiles to support coordination of care for patients where care crosses providers, patient conditions and health concerns, or time.

Strategic Goals

  • Content
    • Coordinate with external standards development organizations (SDOs) to develop and promote the use of content templates
    • Develop strategies to support multi-level content template guidance to benefit the global community
  • Workflow
    • Develop new profiles by reaching outward to other IHE domains to coordinate workflows across care paths
    • Develop white papers by researching new areas that could benefit from standards based interoperability guidance
  • Nursing
    • Explore and understand the benefit of IHE profile work in the nursing space by partnering with nursing organizations and initiatives
    • Develop profiles and white papers to support and explore various nursing specific workflows


H High; Essential now
M Medium; Essential future
L Low; Nice to have
IHE or other group(s) that coordination is required with
research/white paper
Earliest opportunity to tackle

Action Ideas

Last updated October 2014. These are action "ideas" meaning that specific actions may or may not be occurring for each line item. The purpose of this table is to provide an area in which PCC can collect and expand on ideas.

Action Idea Priority Coordination Type Year
Dynamic Interface Definition (DID)
  • Support for clinical processes
  • build a plug and play framework
  • Needs research
  • Needs outreach to move industry
  • Needs clear boundaries in SDOs involved
  • Challenge more on the policy side than technical
Medium profile 2015?
Distributed Care Coordination
  • What I need to know
  • What (and not how) I need to do to find a particular piece of information
    • could use a form..
  • What do I want the information for? To better understand context to provide appropriate solution
  • System to receive any particular set of information
    • Workflow process to support this
  • EHRs need a way to figure out how to put the pieces together:
    • What are specific tasks needed to keep such a process running?
    • What are patient safety issues?
High profile
Data Collection - Transition of Care
  • Discharge planning could be use case
  • System are NOT submitting the right amount of data to other systems that need to collect that data
  • Partially education effort
  • Consider different data for payers and clinical systems
  • Need to focus on irregularities as that is where the patient safety issues are
High profile
Rewrite PCC TF to conform to new TF Templates
  • some content does not naturally fit into existing templates
  • consider adding items to a template registry, perhaps even in lieu of rewriting to conform to a new set of TF templates
Low maintenance
Alignment with HL7 standards development
  • IHE-HL7 Coordination Committee
High HL7 outreach 2014
Harmonize PCC Content templates w/CCDA
  • Dependent on progress in IHE-HL7 Coordination Committee
High HL7 maintenance
Care Plan and RECON work Medium HL7 research
FHIR based work
  • need to better understand where to apply in PCC
  • applies to QED
Medium HL7 research
Nursing - Quality Perspective Low QRPH profile
Nursing Communication Workflow
  • Transitions of care/home care services
  • Care orders and updates, communication w/providers and patients
  • Care coordination - hand offs between nurses and other care providers
High profile
Formalize Nursing Sub-committee structure
  • create vision and mission statements
  • create strategic goals
  • Provide list of associations of source and contact to distribute
  • Networking /outreach
  • Solicit members from each nursing member
High HIMSS/ACP administrative
Liaison to organizations outside of PCC High Domain Coordination Committee outreach 2014
National Extensions - engage with stakeholders and countries outreach
Outreach and recruitment of new committee participants
  • IHE NA Connectathon
  • How do we reach organizational innovators and communicate to them benefits of participating in PCC?
High outreach 2014
Coordinate Patient Plan of Care and Patient-centered Coordination Plan supplement development with AORN Syntergy for peri-operative structured nomenclature (incorporation of the C-CDA project results topic moved this to a lower priority) Medium AORN research 2013

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