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June 2008

Topic Pri Standards/Prerequesites Coord Strategy Year
Referral/Transfer of Care Workflow
Planning Cmmte Out Reach and Engage With Sub-Acute Nursing Facility/Extended Care Facility/Home Health M   n/a tbd 2009
Nursing Workflow
Nursing Documentation/FSA H Functional activity ITI IP


2007 - 2010

Document Types

  • History and Physical
  • Operative Notes
  • Discharge/Transfer Summaries
  • Progress Notes
  • Nursing Notes
  • Flow Sheets
  • Radiology Report
  • Cardiology Report
  • Generic data dumps
  • Consultants Report
  • ED Triage Surveillance Report
  • ED Encounter Report


  • CDA Release 2.0
  • JCAHO (US)
  • CCR (General, discipline-focused)
Lab/Path (IHE Europe)

Radiology Cardiology

Research CP 2008 - 2009
Plans of Care H HL7 Care Provisions WG,Care Plan Topic 2010 - 2011
Cross-enterprise Orders between Providers / Ancillary Services H HL7 V3

HL7 V2 ORU Medical Home White Paper


Lab Radiology

Order Sets and Guidelines M XDS Non-Patient Documents

HL7 Templates [Orders/Obs] HL7 Patient Care HL7 EHR Order Sets [Rad/Labs, Unified terminology/code systems]



Promote 2010 - 2011
Care Management Workflow
Patient Selection Query
  • Clinical trial qualifications
  • Transfer to Extended Care Facility [ECF] assessment
  • Chronic disease mgmt candidate
  • Disease survelliance candidate
. HL7 V3 Care Record Query QRPH . 2010
ED and Emergency Responder Workflow
Self-referred ED Event (no pre-announcement of pt arrival) M Data Elements for Emergency Department Systems (DEEDS) v1.0

CDA/CRS (HL7/CCD and/or HITSP C32) Pt consent/granting role-based access controls

CP 2010
Pediatric Workflow
Planning Cmmte Out Reach and Engage With Pediatric organizations H   n/a tbd 2009
Infant Discharge Summary H   n/a tbd 2009
Sub-Specialty Workflows
Outreach to Cardiology requirements e.g.Cardiac electrophysiology admission discharge summary for the referring cardiologist . XDS-MS CDA R2 / CRS CARD Refer to Cardio domain 2009 - 2010
Personalized Health Care
  • Customization of health treatment/plans to individuals
M Human Genome specification standards

HITSP Personalized outcomes

n/a CP