PCC Committee Activities in 2007-2008

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Committee Activities in 2007-2008

Each season we go through a Profile Selection Process, which helps us decide upon which profiles to develop for that season.

In the 2007-2008 cycle we worked on the folloinw profiles:

  1. Functional Status Assessments
  2. Query for Existing Data (QED)
  3. Emergency Department Encounter Record
  4. Lab Public Health Reporting Content
  5. Antepartum Summary (APS)
  6. Technical Framework Updates

And a white paper on:

  1. Clinical Research, Public Health and Quality use of EHR Data

During the selection process, we update our Roadmap, which shows the strategic direction of the domain. Work which isn't selected for the current season may be placed upon the roadmap for reconsideration in a future season.

Profiles that are selected are developed according to the Development Timeline, which shows when we have face to face meetings, and the important delivery dates.

The ongoing work of the committee also includes the processing of Change Proposals to the current technical framework and supplements from the prior season.

Patient Care Coordination Profiles