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Scope and Current Work

The Nuclear Medicine Technical SubCommittee gathers members with focussed expertise or interest in the field of Nuclear Medicine and does NM-related work delegated by the Radiology Technical Committee.

This Committee is currently dormant.


Representatives with a Roster Status of Co-chair, Liaison, Voting (or possibly Alternate) may vote and count towards quorum. A - represents a missed meeting.

Representatives with a Roster Status of Secretary or Non-voting or may not vote or count towards quorum. A + represents an attended meeting.

Voting privileges and attendance apply to IHE Member Organizations, so the list is sorted by Member Organization to facilitate this. The Cochairs and Secretary are listed at the top.

NOTE: This Roster is currently incomplete. The chairs should update it upon re-activating the Committee.

Representative Name Member Organization Roster Status XXX YY XXX YY XXX YY
Jerry Wallis Society of Nuclear Medicine Co-chair +
Kevin O'Donnell Toshiba Medical Systems Co-chair +
<TBA> Society (Sponsor) Secretary +
Tom Milo Siemens Medical Solutions Voting -
Christoph Dickmann Siemens Medical Solutions Alternate -
Quorum 4 Attendance 5

If your organization is an IHE Member and you would like to be added to this roster, please provide the name of your voting representative (and optionally, alternates) to the Secretary.

If your status needs to be adjusted, please contact the Secretary and or a Cochair.

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