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The Normal Treatment Planning (Simple) profile (NTPL-S) defines the process and mechanisms for image based (3 dimensional) radiation therapy treatment planning.


This profile provides the structural mechanisms for the radiation therapy image based treatment planning process. Following image acquisition and archival storage of the image set, the profile defines the workflow and mechanisms utilized to create a patient’s treatment plan. The image set is retrieved and the relevant anatomical structures are contoured. The structure set is then stored and the user proceeds to define the geometrical elements (i.e. isocenter, bean angle, field size, etc.) of the proposed plan. Once the geometric characteristics are stored the user then defines the dosimetric properties (i.e. prescription, dose matrix, modeling algorithm, etc.) and calculates the dose. The user then displays the dose in a clinically useful manner (i.e. dose normalization, isodose distribution, dose volume histograms, etc.). The dosimetric plan is then stored to the archive.

Counterclock wise from the top left: CT dataset is retrieved, a contour is drawn, a field is placed, dose is calculated and displayed.


  • Defines discrete processes of treatment planning for vendors
  • Provides transactions required for interoperability between multi-vendor systems
  • Provides a common process upon which more complex treatment planning can expand


The profile provides a common process for vendors based on current DICOM standards. Transactions required between treatment planning system (TPS) components (actors) is defined. Simple planning is limited to the use of a CT image dataset, external beam photons, wedges and blocks/MLC (i.e. no IMRT, electronic compensators, bolus, electron beams, etc.).

A radiation oncology PACS is required to archive the single series image set, contours structure set, geometric plan, dosimetric plan, and dose under a unique identifier (UID) for each patient. The transactional process of storage and retrieval between the TPS archive, contourer, geometric planner, dosimetric planner, and dose displayer is what is specifically defined by this profile. The object of the profile is to ensure interoperability between vendors for each component which will allow users to move data between systems for maximum patient benefit.

Actors and Transactions.

Systems Affected

  • Radiation Oncology PACS
  • Treatment Planning Systems


Profile Status: Final Text


IHE Radiation Oncology Technical Framework:

  • Vol. 1 - Section 3 and Appendix A & B

Underlying Standards:

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Consumer Information

  • The NTPL-S FAQ answers typical questions about what the Profile does.
  • The NTPL-S Purchasing describes considerations when purchasing equipment to deploy this Profile.

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