MarComm Cmte Teleconference Minutes 2016-08-18

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  • Chris Carr
  • John Donnelly
  • Andrea Garay
  • Jamie Kontos
  • Thomson Kuhn
  • Mike McCoy
  • Mike Nusbaum
  • Charles Parisot
  • Nancy Ramirez


  • Committee governance and participation
  • Plan to incorporate emerging standards, mobile devices, apps and APIs in overall Connectathon activities
  • Currently a proposal to IHE NA and IHE E to incorporate in their Connectathon events
  • Innovation Task Force is also discussing plans to incorporate new areas for participation and testing at Connectathons
  • IHE USA has announced no New Directions activity at this year's Connectathon
  • Need general communication guidelines and coordinated branding for deployment committees to use in planning. MarComm should play lead role in creating these. Need to collaborate with deployment committees and Innovation Task Force.
  • Example of HPD+ work developed in New Directions area of Connectathon
  • Many organizations organizing similar "hackathon" events: HL7, Argonauts, Canada eHealth
  • Argonaut and HL7 promote frequency of their events in contrast to annual Connectathons
  • Need to distinguish IHE's deployment of concept
  • Bring together App developers with "traditional" HIT vendors who are willing to expose APIs
  • Awards, competition an important motivation for participants
  • Recognize "mature" Apps based on IHE profiles: "App Formulary" concept
  • Find appropriate way to incorporate in Connectathon Results dB
  • Promote idea that IHE supports continuum of implementation testing from hackathon to Conformity Assessment
  • Need to protect brand of Connectathon: promote idea that the hackathon environment/activity is distinct but connected
  • In order to support IHE NA Connectathon, plan and communications strategy needs to be in place by September
  • Branding Brainstorming Activity:
  • Action: Set up teleconference with MarComm and Innovation Task Force
  • Action: Seed discussion with notes from call and general branding goals and principles

  • Planning and Deliverables for 2017
  • Action: Chris to distribute and request input on events and milestones for 2017

  • Outreach for committee participation - discussion deferred
  • Brainstorming discussions with domain representatives

  • Strategic Communication Task Force
  • Should be developed as a statement that has some durability (1-2 years) on Web and featured in newsletter
  • Designed to counteract undercutting of value of IHE process by competitors
  • Incorporate information on governance, membership, business sustainability
  • Incorporate plans for embracing innovation
  • Action: Chris to edit draft and distribute for review by Sept. 8 for discussion on Sept. 15 tcon

  • Bi-Monthly Newsletter
  • Contract Writer to Develop Content
  • Topics:
  • IHE-E Connectathon wrap-up/IHE NA Connectathon Preview
  • Testing Innovations at Connectathon (Mobile, FHIR, DICOM Web)
  • Combine items above: Connecathon is vital and growing; plans for 2017 breakthroughs
  • Webinar Series
  • World Summit/IHE Board Strategic Retreat Recap

  • Soliciting and developing IHE Case Studies - discussion deferred
  • Work with Domain Coord Cmte to select best opportunities from information in Domain Reports

  • Presentation Opportunities - discussion deferred

  • Membership renewals - discussion deferred
  • Reminder message sent 8/12
  • Message soliciting logos for new Membership Directory Page

Marketing and Communications Committee