MarComm Cmte Teleconference Minutes 2016-07-21

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  • Lapo Bertini
  • Chris Carr
  • Andrea Garay
  • Jamie Kontos
  • Mike McCoy
  • Charles Parisot


  • Committee governance and participation

  • Goals and deliverables for 2017
  • Identifying goals and creating list of deliverables
  • Promote innovations at 2017 Connectathons, eg, Mobile, Health Apps, RESTful Services.
  • Add "Hackathon"/New Directions element to Connectathon to allow connection between mobile devices/apps and health IT systems (EHR, LIS, RIS, PACS, etc)
  • Brand IHE as the authority for connecting Apps to health IT space in a tested, standards-based way;
  • Encourage health IT system developers to participate and collaborate with App developers
  • Needs to include training and support for new participants
  • Invite eHealth Exchange and CommonWell and allow app developers to connect to them
  • Focus on profiles such as MHD, MHD-I, PDQM, DCP
  • Action: Develop marketing concept for presentation to IHE USA and IHE Europe
  • Task Force: Charles, Chris
  • Next steps:
  • Draft one page prospectus
  • Set up teleconference with IHE USA and IHE Europe leadership
  • Outreach to leadership of eHealth Exchange, CommonWell, etc. to introduce concept and get their buy in

  • Outreach for committee participation
  • Brainstorming discussions with domain representatives
  • Focus on areas of innovation, specific emerging companies
  • Engage domain planning committees to develop targeted messages for their domains
  • Competition from industry-led initiatives (CommonWell, Argonaut, etc.);
  • promote value of IHE's expedited agile processes
  • persistence of standards-based specs developed by broad group of stakeholders
  • IHE provides forum for all stakeholders: users and developers
  • Action: Develop basic handbook and source materials for domains/sponsors to perform outreach (solicitation for work items (July-Aug); public comments (Apr-May); Adoption/Deployment of stable work (Aug-Sept); Work with ITI leadership to draft initial version

  • Strategic Communication Task Force
  • Announcement to IHE Community
  • Next Steps: Charles to work on section on collaborative activities with other organizations

  • Bi-Monthly Newsletter
    • Action: Identify a marketing person to develop newsletter content and distribute using different media.
  • Topics:
  • IHE-E Connectathon wrap-up
  • New areas of testing at Connectathon (Mobile, FHIR, DICOM Web)
  • Educational Series
  • World Summit/IHE Board Strategic Retreat Recap

  • Soliciting and developing IHE user success stories
  • Next steps

  • Update?
  • Present to DCC/GDC/Domain Committees?
  • Intro: What is IHE? 10 slides?

  • Membership renewals
  • Reminder message to be sent
  • Message soliciting logos for new Membership Directory

Marketing and Communications Committee