Lab AP Conf Minutes 2015-Nov-11

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Recording available for download at


Francois Macary ASIP Sante
Carolyn Knapik CAP, secretary
Dmytro Rudd Roche
Ed Heierman Abbott
James Wulkan Beckman Coulter
Joanna Selinsky Beckman Coulter
John Hopson Abbott
Mary Kennedy CAP
Megumi Kondo  
Naomi Ishii AHIS
Raj Dash, MD, FCAP CAP
Riki Merrick APHL
Andre Huisman  
Nick Haarselhorst  
David de Mena  

Agenda: <a href=""></a>

Supporting Documentation


8:00-9:00 AM

  • AP + Lab Merger – Francois
    • IHE Board Call tomorrow 9 AM CST (9:30 – 9:50 AM is scheduled)
      •  Mary will present – Francois, Riki and Raj will also be on
      • Document to be presented:  (see above)
        • Clarify that Nov / Dec is for preparation, but the call for proposals will go out Jan 4, 2016
  • Structured Data – Raj
    • Summary of our projects – from Francois’s email
    • EPIC agreed to participate in PSR, and they will give them access to content experts for their development of tooling in an environment of larger solution development / guidelines to allow vendors to express the content as envisioned by the content producer
    • Working on use case document
      • #1 is vendor involvement – improve the cost-benefit statement from what is currently written
      • Create parameters for solutions in SDC that is not defined to surgical pathology (APSR current focus)
      • This profile does not supersede XD-Lab guidance on reporting panels
      • Should be able to specify how data is captured, stored and presented
        • Example liver function panel to be incorporated into an AP report can be able to be specified by the content producer – example hide or show a field based on content being available in another section
        • For APSR 2.0 sections can be the content that needs to be represented as well as the format for these sections – binding to data sections / coding systems etc
      • S&I WG is working on Electronic Health Record Functional Requirement for LRI on action verbs for how to store and display – project under HL7 OO WG in collaboration with HL7 EHR WG – document should be published by end of this year
  • DICOM and Digital Pathology Implementations Initiative – Andre
    • An initiative that was formed early October by a company that organized a workshop on DICOM for digital pathology. A group of vendors and users were asked to form a group and look into the current standards (especially DICOM and I stretched the importance to bring this under the IHE umbrella) and see how suitable they are for digital pathology implementations, especially when it comes to large scale implementations like we are starting to see more and more where the workflow becomes completely digital. The APW profile might need a refreshment and this group might be a good starting point since some vendors and some users gave their commitment to participate and bring this to IHE.
    • Thought is to review the APW profile – that sounds like a good project to be started as a new proposal starting in January, when that call for proposals comes out following this template:
      • Have already discussed that we need to modernize that profile
        • too many actors to implement
        • reuse what is good
        • adjust what will make it easier to implement
    • in radiology domain also have split scheduling from reporting
    • Netherlands has an IHE Pathology Committee are also involved in this project
    • Andre will present this project to that group on their call next Monday
    • Netherlands has 3 labs that are fully digitized – can share experience
      • Current challenges, high priority fixes etc


9:00-10:00 AM

  • LDA-CP – Dmytro (see document above for LDA Change Proposal)
    • LAB-26:
      • Allow the Specimen_Container group to repeat so you can send information of all the aliquots created as result of specimen work order step as per the base standard
        • Currently allowing multiple specimen in one container, but not multiple containers
      • Pre-adopt repeating NTE segments for that group as optional segments from HL7 v2.8
      • Fix typo in diagram from Pre-/Post- Analyzer to Pre-/Post- Processor to match the changes in the text sections
      • Update with the note for pre-adoption
      • Intended for the next release of the TF, so include in next ballot
  • LSH Review – John
  • LAW – Ed
  • Incorporating LAW into the Conformance Testing Framework:

To achieve this, the steps could be:

1) The last ballot of CPs for LAW has to be fired next week, with a two weeks voting period. – there are 6 CPs

2) The CPs are published as approved mid-December on the LAB wiki.

3) Update the Existing Supplement with approved CPs as release 1.5 and approve it in January as final text – hand over between Ed and Francois

4) We prepare Vol 2b and the initial content of Vol 1 for end of January that concerns LAW (to have the roper section numbers ahead of the official publication of the

5) We have those first parts of the PaLM TF finalized and approved by the PaLM committee during February: Then we hand that material to Charles and Anne-Gaellle.

6) From March to May we complete the rest of PaLM TF


  • How soon can we send the LAW CPs out for ballot?
    • Have 3 that need follow up:
      • incorporate Siemens feedback
      • One CP need to get update from Dmytro
      • One CP needs coordination with Beckman Coulter
    • Plan ballot for end of November – 2 week voting period should work
  • Gazelle tooling changes for NA Connectathon
    • Working with Anne-Gaelle to update the test cases (using the spreadsheet from the virtual connectathon)
    • Have shared the CP text with her, so she can work on the tool ahead of the official ballot approved
    • Late January timeframe will help with Gazelle updating / pre-connectathon testing
    • During NA have meeting about Gazelle tooling and Conformance Assessment
    • IHE has requested IICC to fund development of Conformance Assessment testing – should have a decision by the end of this month
    • Relationship between Connectathon and conformance Assessment – to be discussed in more detail
  • Technical Framework updates:

For Vol 1 - we do not have AP final text profile for the new PaLM TF, all other texts should be pretty much developed – so will need to focus on Volume 1 work

Next Call

12/9/2015 at 8:00 AM CST

Call adjourned 9: 41 AM CST