Lab AP Conf Minutes 2015-April-28

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Name Organization
Francois Macary (LAB Technical Co-chair) ASIP Santé
Riki Merrick (LAB Planning Co-Chair) Vernetzt, LLC
Carolyn Knapik (Lab Secretary) CAP
Mary Kennedy (AP Secretary) CAP
Allesandro Sulis CRS4
Juergen de Decker MIPS
Dmytro Rud Roche
Raj Dash (AP Planning cochair) CAP/Duke University
Ross Simpson CAP/Park Nicollet
Jim Harrison CAP/University of Virginia
Joanna Selinsky Beckman Coulter
Luca Giachetti Inpeco
Ed Heierman Abbott
John Hopson Abbott
Laurent Lardin bioMérieux
André Huisman PHIT
Christel Daniel (AP Technical cochair) ADICAP, France



Agenda Reviewed (Francois) - No changes needed

Update on CP ballot - Carolyn

  • ballot has passed as of this morning; thank you for voting!
  • Next: Francois will integrate into the new version of the TF in preparation for the F2F

Update on LDA – John Hopson

  • Set up wiki page:
  • Reviewing the actor diagram
  • Automation line sometimes get “forgotten” – where would errors in the system be managed – should be the automation manager – this actor will have to understand ALL work steps and where errors can happen (container sharing, add on tests etc)
  • Proposed focus in phase 1 is sample hand-off, so currently plan to work with errors up to that point, errors occurring later will not be dealt with in phase 1
  • Sample router could be one place where these type of errors could be handled
  • Analyzer Manager / Automation Manager should be the central actor = common actor between LAW and LDA. Click here for Christel’s slides. Media:IHE_Lab_AP_Genetic_LIS.pdf‎ li>
  • Please review the wiki pages and send comments to John Hopson at
  • Collect the set of use cases needed to be considered, then decide in which phase to work on those at the F2F (send to John to add to the LDA wiki)
  • Will include link to the wiki page on the main page
  • This is the main topic for our F2F

Update on LCC – Jim Harrison

F2F agenda planning – Francois Macary

  • Meetings will be from 9 AM – 5 PM for the first 3 days, then 9 AM – noon
  • Christel will be at ASIP Sante 5/20 – 5/21 AM only
  • AP topics will be on structured reporting – can be co-hosting between Christel and Raj
  • LAB and AP merger – move that to AM on 5/21
  • AP topic # 2 – how to share genomics data between LIMS and AP systems – need to review the existing lab profile for appropriate coverage
    • Does LAW implementation cover new generation of sequencing analyzers
    • Probably also LDA needs to be included
    • Large files are being produced – need file management archiving interaction?
    • Involves specimen banking – so need management of biobank specimen
    • CS4R is very interested on these topics of biobanking
  • At IHTSDO IPalm WG is developing a new model on handling sequencing data in SNOMED CT – Mary will see if they can participate
  • Another AP topic of overlap would be specimen collection
  • DICOM WG 26 developed a sub-workgroup for working on fitting DICOM profiles into IHE profiles (1 hour)
  • Will swap topics from 5/20 AM to 5/21 PM
  • 5/19 AM – AP scope slides - Raj and Christel will prepare slides for that topic
  • LDA – will take as much time as we are given
  • LAW updates in 2 hours: new issues, CLSI profile and virtual connectacthon - test case development using the options
  • LAB TF/US guides update may only need 15 – 30 min – not much progress

AP - Lab merger

  • Need to draft materials for the merger discussion on 5/20 in PM – logistics for Co-Chairs, wiki, milestone, profiles etc


  • Webinar introducing the profiles for the NA connectathon - which do we want?
    • AP- Lab merger
    • Current projects: AP projects
    • LAW – IICC will promote as well as IHE
    • LDA
    • Will plan via email this week – please email your interest
  • Changes in membership structure
    • IHE will be charging for membership starting in 2015-2016 year

Call adjourned 12:05 PM EDT