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back ITI Planning Committee 2018/2019 Meetings


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Time 11:00 am - 12:30 pm Central Time

Monthly on the third Tuesday

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  • John Chaired
  • Review agenda
    • Agenda approved
  • Record Attendance
    • John Moehrke - By Light
    • Luke Duncan - Intrahealth
    • Steve Nichols - GE
    • Sylvie Colas - ASIP Santé
    • Chris Melo - Philips Healthcare
    • Ben Levy - Corepoint Health
    • Sarah
  • Webinar progress
    • Deadline end of January
    • IHE-on-FHIR -- John -- not yet
    • PMIR -- Luke
    • XCA Deferred - Joe
    • SVCM and MHDS -- plan for Spring public comment deadline for a presentation
  • Any HIMSS or Connectathon things to do?
    • There will be some informal meetings at Connectathon: feedback to technical committees on FHIR profiles, FHIR authoring tooling, FHIR testing tooling
    • HIMSS - interest in having a 'perspective overlay' on the normal interop showcase that shows various technology stack uses (XD*, CDA, FHIR, FHIR-Doc, ?)
  • Progress about SNIF survey
    • approved work item as a white paper. No longer a planning committee
  • Any new Work Item
  • other business
    • COCIR paper coming out in January -- COCIR White Paper on Interoperability for an effective deployment of mHealth
      • Charles project
      • highlight the standards available for provider organizations to use to enable the many mobile apps
        • Mostly an opportunity where COCIR is promoting IHE profile
      • relationship to HL7 similar work?
      • potential subject for ITI to write similar whitepaper on?
        • should it be proposed as raw material for an ITI whitepaper new work item?