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Time 11:00 am - 12:30 pm Central Time

Monthly on the third Tuesday

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  • John Chaired
  • Review agenda
  • Record Attendance
    • John Moehrke, George Dixon, Joe Lamy, Keith Boone, Oliver, Mauro, Steve Nichols, Dave Pyke, Ben Levy, Charles Parisot, Chris Melo
  • Webinar schedule and plan
    • Mauro - NPFS status
      • will be ready by the face-to-face meeting for committee review (status via email)
    • others?
      • Dave Pyke -- "Implementing XDS"
        • Focused on an implementor
        • Might be just focused on ITI-18, or ITI-41
        • Would touch on the issues people sometimes forget
        • Would have many references to the normative text and encourage reading
        • Would include examples of the transactions and responses
        • Would be hard to keep at 10-15 minutes
        • ACTION: John will poll key people to determine what the outline would be
      • Charles Parisot -- "ATNA BCP"
        • Charles has slides he has given to offer
        • This should likely wait until the new CP that is restructuring with many Options
          • This set of options will need explanation too.
        • ACTION: Charles will submit his deck
  • New Work Items
    • Two new work items received
      • MHD Health Information Exchange
        • Much discussion on scope
        • Many architectural choices that are deferred to the technical committee to determine (e.g. Central Registry and multiple repositories, or natural distributed REST, etc)
        • Charles is concerned there are major problems ahead. He was encouraged to outline these for the technical committee.
        • Text was updated given discussions
        • Motion to approve: Keith/Dave: unanimous
        • Size: Medium effort, Medium page count. Similar to mXDE. Likely to have more discussion than page count.
        • Prioritization:
          • Should be top priority, but the mSVS is likely more important need. So Move mSVS to top, MHD-HIE second, then the rest.
          • Motion: Charles/Keith: unanimous
      • IUA update --
        • Quick review as we didn't have the authors or much time.
        • Need to make clear the impact of OAuth app registration, and refresh
    • Trello
    • Wiki
  • Any other business
    • Steve Nichols -- he would like to revive SNIF. John provide the current text. Keith expressed interest in helping Steve.
    • Steve Nichols -- mentioned ACME as a new certificate management system. No knowledge was available.
  • adjourned 90 minutes