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Time 11:00 am - 12:30 pm Monthly on the third Tuesday

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  • Sylvie chaired
  • Attendance
    • John, Sylvie, Dan, Chris Melo, Luke, Lynn, and Matt Clapham
  • Minutes Review
    • Approved by consensus
  • Reviewed Board Report draft
    • Sylvie and John have added a simple observation that Lynn gave us about the experience at IHE Connectathon
    • Lynn indicated concern that the overall observations she has offered may not be deep enough for our intended use in a Board Report
      • John indicated that we have no evidence that it needs to be deeper, and have not received any specific ask from the Board
    • Dan indicates he has joined the board and hopes to understand them better
      • Dan accepted our appointment of him as the ITI representative
    • John has provided text for the future direction section
    • Action: Sylvie will update the board report, and send it to the ITI Planning mailing list, with an indication that it is on the ITI Technical committee agenda where it will be approved.
  • Backlog
    • Only one new work item proposal was received.
      • John submitted a work item proposal to finish the rest of the FHIR profiles updating to R4
      • This was assessed as a higher priority than the other items
    • The backlog is not very healthy. We need to continue to invite new work items
  • New business
    • None brought up
  • Adjourned at 85 minutes