ITI Planning - 20181218

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back ITI Planning Committee 2018/2019 Meetings


To join this meeting

Time 11:00 am - 12:30 pm Monthly on the third Tuesday

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  • Review agenda
  • Record Attendance
  • Announcements
  • New Work Item
  • ITI report to the board
  • Educational Webinars
    • John action item to do the IHE on FHIR webinar
  • New Business


  • John chaired
  • Attendance: John, Sylvie, Joe, Daniel, Luke, Elliot
  • no announcements
  • New Work Item
    • John action to create a message to inform the public that we are now accepting new proposals every month for consideration every quarter.
      • Action item did not progress
    • Need news letter sized writeup on the current new work items.
      • Review ITI 2019 New Work Items
        • Need update on the Facilities description --> Luke
        • Need update on the FHIR feed description --> Daniel
      • How do we use these descriptions?
        • John to propose a few promotion paths
    • Review progress on new-work-item backlog management ITI 2019 Backlog and
      • Sylvie has improved the example
      • Review of possible use of the trello tool was impressive
      • Not clear if overhead and learning curve is worth the benefit we would get over flat wiki page
      • Decision: For Q1 we will do both the wiki and this trello tool. This will enable us to better understand the benefit and drawback
        • Sylvie will take the lead on use of Trello
  • ITI report to the board
    • We now have guidance from Gila
    • Sylvie will get last years report from Gila
    • Sylvie will start the editing
    • We may leave significant profiles, and significant deployment activities as they are today. Request update from ITI Planning mailing list.
    • Sylvie will bring in the new profiles text from ITI 2019 New Work Items
    • John will write up "Summary of future plans", and "Trends"
  • Educational Webinars
    • John action item to do the IHE on FHIR webinar
      • This is being planned
      • This may also be presented at connectathon
  • New Business