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Time 11:00 am - 12:30 pm Monthly on the third Tuesday

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  • John chaired
  • Attendance: John, Dan, Charles, Joe, Luke, Oliver, Sylve, Vassil, Lisa, and Elliot
  • Agenda review
    • comment to focus on outreach
  • Reminder to vote
  • Celebrate release of new work items
    • Retrospective
      • Good
        • Hero came to rescue in two cases
        • Editors brought in SME to help out with the technical details and esoteric need
        • succeeded to publish work items within cycle
      • Bad
        • needed hero -- too much unanticipated turnover of people
        • Some work items reset -- difficult questions were deferred but that tended to be problem
          • reset often, and late
        • too little improvement of text happened between face-to-face
        • too little research was done between Planning acceptance (october -> november)
        • expertise needed to review work items was very deep and specialized
        • face-to-face scheduled personal holiday
        • Oslo meeting decisions were not well (Effectively) published
      • Improvements
        • Editors should be required to have been an active committee member for at-least a year
        • more use of strawman solutioning
        • more between face-to-face tcon work
        • project proposal needs to include a realistic project plan
        • primary and secondary editors should be assigned
        • Is there a way to reset the plan midway when scope changes?
    • News articles
      • John to provide blog as possible news article on Metadata handbook
      • Charles to write raw material for an AS4 article -- DEADLINE September 10
  • Status of new proposals
  • Webinar
  • FHIR Release 4
    • ACTION: John to write up proposal for new work to align early in the year
  • Discussion of new governance cycle proposal