ITI Planning - 20180417

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Time 11:00 am - 12:30 pm Monthly on the third Tuesday

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  • John Chaired
  • Attendance taken by HIMSS
  • Reviewed new work items
    • Membership is requested to review and comment
    • John will work with RSNA staff to create news worthy wording
    • Remove USA national extension mention as unnecessary in this format
  • Reviewed IHE-on-FHIR
    • Membership is requested to review and comment
    • Note that now have two segments at Dev Days
    • Significant comments received already
    • Likely will end up with radical changes to slide deck
    • Updates will be put into directory
  • Document Sharing presentation
    • Daniel is not ready to review
  • Movement of Supplements and Profiles
    • Need to reach out to Lynn to get evidence on DEN, Delayed Doc Assembly, and PLT for movement to FT
    • Discussion of retirement
      • Possibly PSA, but not yet
      • EUA has a CP to separate CCOW portions from EUA, which would make retirement of PSA later easier
  • Assessment of last years new work items
    • Restful ATNA, XCDR, mXDE, NPFSm, and STU3 revisions of mobile
    • No clear indications on any.
    • John to reach out to Lynn to see if EU connectathon participants have feedback
  • AS4 supplement work
    • Vassile indicates that he has strong evidence that current async use of XCPD and XCA are actively used today
    • This evidence is counter to prior feedback
    • Should we keep old async mode?
    • Should new AS4 be documented as new transaction numbers different from existing transactions?
    • Elliot to draft email to Charles to bring up this new concern
    • Technical committee must consider and make decision on go-forward plan